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307 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
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Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Puedes visitar este bar después de ver Christ Church Brunswick. La cocina fusión es buena en Basco. No te quedes sin comer sus famosos pintxos, sus extraordinarias costillas o sus exquisitas costillas de cordero. En este lugar, sus visitantes pueden pedir unos generosos churros y unos perfectamente elaborados cannolis. Este lugar es famoso por su delicioso café martini, su estupendo vino y su excelente cerveza de grifo. Tras una larga jornada de trabajo, degusta un espectacular café espresso.

Ofrecen música en vivo por la noche. Se comenta que aquí el personal de barra es increíble. Te encantará su confortable decoración. Zomato nos muestra una valoración de 4,4 para este lugar, lo que prueba que merece una visita.

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Probably the most appalling service I’ve experienced in a long time. We booked a large group for a friends birthday and despite calling three times to check if a friend with coeliac disease would be accommodated for and the staff assuring us that they would, Basco let us down. The “three course” meal consisted of a small bowl of corn chips to share among three or four people, which contained gluten. No alternative was offered for our coeliac friend. The second course consisted of two tacos per person, which weren’t actually that bad, however our coeliac friend wasn’t told that the two gluten free tacos that were meant for her were actually for her. Understandably, somebody else ate them. When the final plate of tacos came out, she asked if they were gluten free, to which the staff responded, “they should be fine...” SHOULD? This isn’t an intolerance, this is a severe allergy. If she eats gluten, she will be extremely sick for almost a week. This response was the catalyst for writing this review. Luckily our friend double checked with the manager, as the tacos that “should” have been fine did in fact contain gluten. Clearly your staff need to be trained in regards to food allergies and cross contamination. The manager begrudgingly brought out replacement food for her, but he was clearly not happy to do this. The third and final meal were tiny, chewy churros for us and a quarter of an apple, a slice of pineapple and a tiny slice of watermelon with a small bowl of chocolate sauce as a gluten free alternative. It was a really poor attempt at a replacement meal and chocolate sauce definitely doesn’t go with any of those fruits. It would have been better if the staff told us that they don’t really cater to allergies and we would have booked somewhere else, which I’m sure would have been a much better experience!On another note, most of the staff were SO rude. The only exception was the younger guy with the curly hair - he was really good. One of the staff brought us drinks that we hadn’t ordered, which we advised her of. She couldn’t find the people that had ordered the drinks, so she told us to “have them anyway!” It was a bottomless lunch, so we didn’t think much of it. The taller, slim lady then came over and berated us for having drinks that we didn’t order. She had the audacity to yell at us and lecture us because THEIR staff made a mistake and told us to keep the drinks. She apologised, but through gritted teeth. She was also trying to remember drink orders for a table of almost 20, which I don’t expect to be an easy feat. She then yelled at us when we enquired about drinks that were missed, stating that she’s having a hard time remembering the order. All of the other wait staff had notepads to write down orders, so perhaps this could have been an idea instead of taking your frustrations over your own incompetence out on paying customers. After this, she no longer served our table but we weren’t given a replacement waiter. Towards the last quarter of the two hour lunch period, staff didn’t really come to our table to take drinks orders. If they did, the drinks didn’t arrive anyway. When one of the group went up to have a conversation with the manager and question this, his response was, “have you worked in hospitality?!” How is this warranted or even relevant? I may not have worked in hospitality, but I’ve worked in customer service for many years and these guys could learn a lot about what those two words mean! They clearly cannot handle large groups or multiple bookings at once, as James Peters below( who was not a part of our group) also happened to notice yesterday. It’s a shame, because every time I walk down once-lively Sydney Road, I notice more shops and restaurants have closed. With an attitude and service like we experienced yesterday, maybe Basco will be next.
I am not a big review writer but I am pretty upset by the extremely uncomfortable dining experience I had here yesterday. We were there to happily celebrate a friends birthday, but the interactions with your main waitress made us all on edge and put a damper on our entire evening. She was outright rude and unfriendly from the moment we arrived. At one point she literally yelled "Why would you take them if they aren't yours?!" after another waitress GAVE us two beers that we said we did not order or want, under the assumption that they were poured by mistake. I understand working in hospitality is stressful as I have experience, but this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. Please hire some extra staff to minimise the stress as it was felt by everyone, we were constantly left with multiple drink orders being unfulfilled. The younger waiter and waitresses were all very helpful, friendly and doing their best. The food was nice but unfortunately I won't be returning.
Very messy to eat got a headache after dinner don't know if it was the spice food
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307 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
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