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2103 Kirkwood St, High Point
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 2103 Kirkwood St
High Point, Carolina del Norte, Estados Unidos

Un buen número de sus visitantes dicen que aquí los camareros te sirven un tierno pollo frito, unas sabrosas hamburguesas con beicon y unos atrayentes galletas de queso. Merece la pena venir a este restaurante por sus bien preparadas galletas. De acuerdo con las opiniones de los clientes, aquí sus camareros ofrecen un irresistible vino. Su extraordinario es capaz de hacerte volver a Biscuit Factory.

Vas a llevarte un buen recuerdo de este lugar, puesto que es famoso por su gran servicio y su amable personal, siempre dispuesto a ayudar. Una serie de usuarios apuntan que los platos que ofrecen tienen unos precios asequibles. Este lugar ha recibido una nota de 4 en Zomato.

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Doesn't get any better than this
Great food
I am honestly ashamed that I have lived in High Point for almost two years and have never once visited The Biscuit Factory. Until yesterday. I was running errands when I felt a rumbly in my tumbly. I searched "breakfast & brunch" on Yelp, uncertain of why I was doing so, and fully expecting the same ol' usual suspects. But behold: there at the top of the results, like a shining beacon of hope, was The Biscuit Factory. Wait, that unassuming little place over by Harris Teeter that I have passed four thousand times without the slightest thought? THAT place? And what's that? Almost 5 stars out of a ton of reviews? We're going. I had a good feeling as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. It was 10:10am on a Tuesday morning and the parking lot was absolutely slammed (I took the last open spot) and the drive thru was spilling out into the street, blocking passersby and provoking my road rage a smidge. When you walk in, the inside has all the familiar symptoms of a place that ain't playin' around when it comes to serving delicious food. For example, everything looks old inside. Not the "Eww, this needs an update" kind of old, but the "Hey, that's my grandma in the back whoopin' up them biscuits," kind of old. Good old. Another sign: the lady at the counter was kinda grumpy. Not the rude, "I'm miserable at my job so I'm gonna make you miserable, too" kind of grumpy. More like the "We busy serving up this delicious ass food so I ain't got time to play," kind of grumpy (again, like grandma). I fully expected to get hit with a fly swatter if I didn't spit my order out fast enough. I went with the chicken biscuit and had them add cheese and mayo. I added the Texas Pete myself (it's behind the counter). It was mouth watering. The biscuit was nice and fluffy and the chicken was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. I didn't go with any sides - this was just a personal experience between the biscuit and myself. It was splendid. I sat there for another 5-10 minutes, finishing my drink, people watching, and wondering what to do with my life next. It was suddenly a lot less clear after eating that delicious chicken biscuit. If you're a High Point resident like me and haven't tried The Biscuit Factory yet, shame on you too. I look forward to visiting again and trying other biscuits, though it's gonna be awfully difficult not to order another chicken biscuit.
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
2103 Kirkwood St, High Point, Carolina del Norte, Estados Unidos
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