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Seguro que vas a ver Monte di Mola Museum (MDM Museum): el consejo de sus clientes es que te acerques también a este restaurante. ConFusion está recomendado para los amantes de la cocina italiana. Sus invitados pueden pedir una generosa sardina, una bien trabajada pasta con marisco y un singular pulpo en este lugar. Degusta su sabroso helado. Este lugar ofrece entre sus bebidas un extraordinario champán, un sensacional vino y un sorprendente cordial. Saborea despacio el insuperable café que aquí sirven pensando solo en tu disfrute.

Es fácil encontrar este restaurante gracias a su gran ubicación. Su paciente personal refleja el estilo y el carácter de ConFusion. Te va a gustar su magnífico servicio. Una serie de usuarios dicen que los platos que ofrecen tienen unos precios asequibles. No hay duda de que vas a agradecer su interesante atmósfera y su festiva decoración. Es un restaurante con una estrella Michelin, un premio que normalmente se otorga por ofrecer propuestas estupendas.

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Un hermoso interior (2020)

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user_Ruben Morales Garijo
Amazing ???? cocina de calidad!! Buen servicio recomendable 100x100
hace un año
Thank you so much. Your opinion is important to us and we are glad you had a great time with us. We hope to see you soon.
user_Christophe Gevrey
It's difficult to rate a gastronomic restaurant, I did a few in my life and the experience is always unique. So I give it a 5 stars rating by default as compared to many other restaurants I gave 4 or 5, it is definitely above.This being said, it does not mean it does not deserve criticism, it does, especially as they expose themselves.Review is always subjective, so I will try to split with good and less good points. When I read 1 star reviews by others it just sound absurd and they are often impulsive rating to express one point of frustration but definitely do not reflect the quality of the place.Location is very nice, entrance is discreet but the personnel is very welcoming as expected in a gastro.Tables and interior are a mix of modern and baroque, you can like it or not, it is definitely not classic. Tables height are adjusted to match the comfortable armchairs.We sat inside but you are surrounded by glasses which makes feel you are outside, it was good as it was windy outside, and at 21h00 it can be chilly in July.Staff was friendly and attentive, slightly familiar though and frequently asking how good is the food.Food was excellent and with the usual additional small plates before appetizers and after deserts (mignardises)As always, you can quickly judge the quality of the food by the quality of the bread, and it was very nice. Freshly cooked with butter flavoured with wasabi.The chef, Mr Bassi, was very present with us, probably because we came quite early (20h00) and we were the first. It was good, but had side effects.As the restaurant name says, we were confused. We were not explained the concept of the menu, so we spent 20-25 minutes to choose the perfect dishes we wanted to taste, appetizers, pasta and main dish. We really wanted to taste variety of dishes. Then the chef came to take the order, whilst I started to tell him what we wanted, he stopped me abruptly to tell us he can't do that and he will chose for us. I was really surprised, to say the least, and wondered why we were presented the menu (you can see it online) without being able to chose from it. When I look at other reviewers dishes photos, I can recognise exactly all we had, we the exact same presentation. It feels like they try to optimize the business slightly too much, which I am sure they would argue it is to ensure the top quality, which is debatable. I want to eat what I am in the mood to eat.Don't get me wrong, that was very tasty, the risotto with sturgeon was great, tomato with cheese for desert, unexpected and awesome, but why the confusion on the menu? The ordering experience was unpleasant, we actually wanted one or two dishes more and we ended up with the "S" menu because we have felt being rushed into choosing. True that the chef, when we mentioned it after being awkwardly presented with the cheese plateau instead of the next wrongly expected dish, suggested that it was not a problem to add a dish, but the situation was feeling strange at this moment, rather uncomfortable, like if we were not at our place, whilst you expect to be The Customer, in a Michelin place.Food is served at a quick pace, which I like but can feel speedy to some others. Usually, I spend 3 hours in a gastronomic restaurant, but we were done after 1h45.The glass of Sardinian white wine was nice but overpriced, 25 euros for 10cc is expensive. Especially when you are charged additional 30 euros for the coverts as traditional in Italy, but OK, this is the game and you pay the price when you go to an awarded place. However it makes you feel being used a bit when they charge 10 x the price they pay.Compared to similar Michelin restaurants, it is more or less 30% more expensive.The overall experience was very pleasant though, we would have loved to try additional dishes like the pigeon or some raviolis. Maybe next time.Thanks for the experience as your macaron is well deserved, and I hope our feedback can help you and others.Some pictures of the location, dishes and place attached.@cri
user_Massimo Basile
The Delicate Touch of “ConFusion”....the Elysium of Flavours signed by Italo Bassi
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Italiana, Contemporanea, Opciones vegetarianas
CerradoAbre a las 19:30
$$$$ Rango de precios por persona 40 €-120 €
Confusion en el mapa
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Cómo llegar al restaurante Promenade du port Via Aga Khan 1
Porto Cervo, Cerdeña, Italia
Promenade du port Via Aga Khan 1, Porto Cervo, Cerdeña, Italia
Tarjetas de crédito aceptadas No hay entrega Asientos al aire libre No es para llevar Reserva Accesible para sillas de ruedas Wifi
LunesLun 12:30-14:30
MartesMar 12:30-14:30
MiércolesMié 12:30-14:30
JuevesJue 12:30-14:30
ViernesVie 12:30-14:30
SábadoSáb 12:30-14:30
DomingoDom 12:30-14:30

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