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1667 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 1667 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, Columbia Británica, Canada

Ven a este café y tómate un extraordinario café.

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Would be nice to get a taster when you spend $20 on a box of chocolates as a gift.
Sadly, Daniel's has chosen to discontinue the very thing they've always done best (that others don't) - boozy chocolates. No more cointreau... it was these and others that kept me a loyal customer for 10+ years. Sadly, as a result our relationship must also be discontinued.
I've recently added chocolate shops to my list of must-see spots in different cities. It's a new thing for me, so I'm still learning what makes them great. I need a chocolate guide or chocolate guru to walk me through the finer points of things, but barring that, I'm leaning heavily on Yelp and my fellow Yelpers to show me the way. After a particularly good lunch on Lonsdale, on top of the hill in North Vancouver, I found myself looking for a little sweet somethin-somethin. Like a beacon oozing caramel and rich chocolate, the Yelp app pointed me to Daniel. I walked a few blocks and found it there near the corner, and walked in. It's a nice space, and without knowing the history, I'd judge that it's fairly new or has been remodeled pretty recently. There's a modern-ish aesthetic with the wavy wood on the ceiling, the lights, and an even more IKEA-ish feel to the seating area. It's light and clean and fresh. Now, I've got a couple more chocolate stops planned for this afternoon, so believe me when I tell you that even though I wanted a waffle and some ice cream and all the sweet things, I needed instead to play it easy and grab just a few single chocolates. So many to choose from. The beautifully painted passion fruit ganache was bright and happy. The sea salt caramel was just the right texture, and also a nice contrast in flavors to break up the rich chocolate. And the dark chocolate truffle was deep and rich--indeed, truffles sort of take you to a different place in the universe. You close your eyes and everything is right, everything and everyone is in the right place just as it should be, and you feel what life can be. It may only last a moment, but just having that taste reminds you that that kind of world is actually a lot closer than we think sometimes. I sat on a bench a few doors down and watched the traffic as I re-entered this bizarro world, the last bits of truffle melting against my tongue. A real moment. I walked, but it looks like there's on-street parking. Prices are, y'know, on par with other chocolate shops. My three pieces came in around a dollar and change each, so it's not something you want to add to your budget every day. But treat yourself to those moments frequently enough that that start to inspire your reality. Chocolate has that power.
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1667 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, Columbia Británica, Canada
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