Japonesa, Sushi, Asiática, Opciones vegetarianas
Abierto ahora 17:00 - 21:00
$$$$ Price range per person £11-25
25 The Strand, Liverpool
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Liverpool, Inglaterra, Reino Unido

British Music Experience es uno de los lugares más impresionantes que suelen visitar los turistas. Este restaurante es famoso por tener cocina japonesa. La mayoría de los clientes recomienda probar sus sabrosos sushi nigiri, su casera anguila a la parrilla y su bien trabajado sashimi de atún. Sus asiduos pueden pedir un atrayente helado de sésamo, un singular helado de té verde y una sorprendente tarta cremosa en Etsu. Saborea su extraordinaria cerveza de grifo, su delicioso vino de ciruela o su excelente ginebra. Este lugar tiene entre sus bebidas un estupendo té verde helado, un espectacular café y un magnífico té japonés.

Este lugar es el lugar perfecto para celebrar tu cumpleaños. Su exquisito personal da la bienvenida a los clientes todo el año. Su divino servicio es siempre un placer. Te van a sorprender gratamente los razonables precios de este restaurante. Etsu tiene una atmósfera encantadora y una decoración hogareña. Este lugar ha conseguido una valoración en Zomato de 4,4 y deja un buen sabor de boca en sus visitantes.

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Me and a friend went to Etsu on 07/11/2019. This is a place I usually come back to atleast once a year.. and this year was extraordinary!! The entirety has been renovated to provide a more spacious inside with more seats, comfy seats and a variety of places on where you can sit i.e. near a window, near the sushi chefs at the counter etc.Outside of Etsu is always beautiful, there's this water bucket fountain thing which fills up with water then lets it all go, then the outside of Etsu is gorgeous especially around xmas time where they put up xmas lights...The decor inside is gorgeous and gives off an authentic Japanese vibe.The toilets are shared and even that looks bigger than how it used to be.. having 1 male, 1 female, 1 male/female, and 1 disabled toilets.. the overall look of the toilets look really nice.The overall hygiene of the Etsu is great! it felt really clean and everything from the utensils used, to the tables after use.Because my friend is a vegan/vegetarian I picked a variety of starters that were suitable for her to eat. The customer service of Etsu is amazing and they even recommended me some starters in addition to ones i've chosen myself.Kaiso Salad - This was amazing and I highly recommend this regardless of whether you're a vegetarian or not. The dressing and the different seaweeds were astonishing.Pickles - I personally love pickled vegetables from japanese restaurants and I can say that Etsu makes really great pickled vegetables. You get an assortment of three different kinds and I highly recommend this.Agetofu - This has been something I ALWAYS get everytime I come. I love tofu and the flavour profile is amazing, the texture is great with the nice crisp outside and the soft pillow inside, and the sauce I can just drink on its own.Ohitashi (Rolled Spinach) - I personally love spinach and I think this is a great dish which was recommended to me by the lovely waitress, I do recommend this if you're looking to try something new.Gindara Saikyo Miso - Black Cod glazed with the chefs miso sauce, This is the second time I've got this (last time being last year) and it is definitely as tasty and succulent as I remembered it to be. Highly recommend this for anyone!Nigiri & Maki - Inari (tofu pocket), Tamago (sweet omlette), Shittake (mushroom), Shinko (picked radish) - These were all great and I really love the flavours and the portions. The omlette is big and fluffy, the Inari has so much rich in and the pickled veg (radish & mushroom) were amazing. This is the only place I've found that does the pickled shittake mushrooms.Sashimi Platter - I personally think the sushi at Etsu is average, it isn't bad but I have had better sushi and I personally don't come to Etsu for sushi (i rather come for other dishes.. main dish being the Unagi-Don coupled with the eel sauce i rate 5/5, I did order but took it away instead as they was near closing time). The waitress also asked the sushi chefs if they were able to substitute some scallops into the dish as it is the chefs choice when ordering mixed sashimi. I do very much appreciate all the effort, I do still feel the sushi isn't as good as other places I have been to before.I love how they poured the sake inside a little square box which caught the overflowing sake, I have seen this in videos but never seen it in person (sake was not served like this last year). I have to say I love it.Overall I do give Etsu a 5/5 for everything from the ambience, the decor, the customer service, the food. If I had to give an improvement I would say the sashimi could be nicer, but apart from that I really really love the restaurant and I do plan to still visit once a year (or more), It is in my respects the best Japanese restaurant in Liverpool so do give it a visit. I have ordered other starters from the menu and would happily recommend others if people wanted to message me on this matter.
I love this venue a lot. It has a unique mood. The kitcen is tasty. the service is dynamic and the stuff is friendly. The price is reasonable. greatly recommend.
Superb food. Will come again for sure!
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25 The Strand, Liverpool, Inglaterra, Reino Unido
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