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100 N Beretania St
Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii es una estupenda atracción turística para aquellos que vienen a comer a este restaurante tras un largo paseo. Los exquisitos sabores de las cocinas cantonesa y china atraen a muchos comensales. Puedes tomarte unas sabrosas dim sum, unas perfectamente elaboradas gambas fritas y unos caseros dumplings de gambas en Fook Lam. Invita a tus personas queridas y disfrutad de su atrayente tarta, sus singulares tartas de crema pastelera y sus sorprendentes tartas de huevo. Aquí puedes tomarte un magnífico .

Un aspecto positivo de este lugar es que el personal es alegre. Te va a gustar su fascinante servicio. Se dice que aquí los precios son interesantes. Su cuidado ambiente alegra el corazón de sus asiduos y atrae nuevos clientes. Pero la nota global de este lugar no es muy alta en Zomato.

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This place used to be my favorite and I would frequent here often, but recently service has gone down. The waitresses do not pay as much attention to me and my family when we want to order. It is a Chinese restaurant, so you do need to be aggressive and flag them down when you want to order, but they did not listen to me or my family even when we did that. This past visit we tried to order, but the waitresses were too busy talking to each other. One came up to ask us what we wanted, but then another one came up and they started talking about something. They then both finished talking and left us without taking our order. The waitress in charge of the dim sum cart also left without giving us dim sum. This really infuriated me as we already had to wait 20 minutes for our table, so we were really hungry. We also asked for water 3 times and finally the owner, who is very nice and friendly, brought us water. With a heavy heart, I am sad to say that I will not be returning to Fook Lam anytime soon...
***4.5 STARS*** I haven't been to Fook Lam (FL) for many, many years.  Maybe the last time was like over 6 or 7 years?   I tend to be a creature of habit and have my regular rounds for dim sum.   Earlier today, I came to FL because my favorite niece by default wanted to come here.   Her summer break is coming to an end as she flies back to the Midwest for her senior year in college.  Because I work on Monday, it was my last day to spend time with her.   With my tight schedule, we congregated shortly before 930am and easily secured a table.   Soon after getting our hot tea and iced water, carts of dim sum came to our table.  Waitresses also came by our table with trays of freshly made dim sum.  Conversation between the wait staff and my family were strictly in Cantonese so our dining experience went very smoothly. I didn't realize how many dishes we ordered but after looking at my photos we had 19 different types of dim sum where 6 of them we double ordered.   I like to dine in a group because you get to sample MANY dishes. Overall I found the food above average.  The quality and consistency of the food exceeded my expectations.  I really like the fact that FL is busy because the turnover is high.   Food comes out piping hot and fresh.  Minimizes dim sum sitting in a warmer for an extensive period of time. The top 5 dim sum for me were:  JIN DUI, Hong Kong style pork hash, taro puff, XLB and book tripe.  The JIN DUI was non-greasy, crunchy and thin skinned.   The taro puff was also non-greasy with great taro flavor and stuffed generously with a savory mixture.  The Hong Kong style pork hash was plump and juicy.  The XLB had lots of soup and tasty pork filling.  Was so good after adding the julienne fresh ginger and vinegar.  The book tripe had multiple levels of flavors that just popped in my mouth.   Service was above average.  Staff constantly surveyed our table making sure we were okay.  At times they may have seemed pushy with bringing food to your table but I was happy because they were made fresh and most items we enjoy eating.  For the ones that didn't appeal to us, we politely declined. When paying for my bill, I was surprised the cashier commented on how much food we ordered.  I informed her my only niece goes back to college tomorrow so I'm letting her have her fix as she doesn't have dim sum in her town.  The cashier said I was a good uncle for ordering so much food.  My niece is fortunate she has no competition with me spoiling her.   As we left at 1030am, FL was full house with multiple parties waiting outside for a table.  That's a very good sign that the restaurant is flourishing.  As I stepped out the door, I came across the same cashier who greeted me and addressed me by my name.  I was impressed she remembered me. Overall, FL is a very solid restaurant serving dim sum and highly recommended in my books.   I don't think I'll wait too long for my next visit here again.
Came here for dim sum and was pleasantly surprise how good the food was. It was a group of 7 of us and we were well accommodated. We order a bunch of dim sum dishes that you would normally see at restaurant and the food was pretty good. I alway judge a dim sum restaurant by how they make the chicken feet is and at Fook Lam, it was pretty good. Although the food is good, it is a bit overpriced for me. Each dish was more than 4$ and the serving size was not the greatest. I hope the owner sees this review and make some changes if they want to grow.
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100 N Beretania St, Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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