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2440 Kūhiō Ave., Honolulu
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Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos

Lucoral Museum es un añadido perfecto a la impresión que te va a dejar este restaurante. Merece la pena visitar Hy's Steak House por su perfectamente elaborada ensalada césar clásica, su famoso filete y sus extraordinarios caracoles. Ven y prueba una delicada tarta de queso con fresas, un casero helado de vainilla o un sabroso pastel de chocolate. Su irresistible merlot, sus deliciosos mai tai y su insuperable whisky te están esperando en este lugar. Aquí puedes pedir un estupendo frappé de chocolate, un sorprendente zumo o una excelente limonada.

Lo único que necesitas para tus vacaciones con la familia es un lugar acogedor con un hermoso interior. El exquisito personal de este lugar demuestra lo mucho que valora a sus comensales. Su divino servicio te hará sentirte especial. Este restaurante es uno de esos establecimientos con estupendos manjares por unos precios interesantes. Un 4,2 es la valoracón que sus clientes dieron a Hy's Steak House en Zomato.

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This update is on the BRUNCH ONLY! where I dined on Christmas Day As with the dinner service, the quality of food and service is theoretically 4 stars or better. The servers are there with their sport coat and white shirts! The table bus people are also dressed in formal attire. The table setting is also okay and set like their dinner service.  (I was somewhat disappointed in the service.... but I won't detail that dead horse) Now, let me spout on the food! Appetizer bar consisted of the "local" delicacies like Poke, Hamachi sashimi, a couple salads and a very nice charcuterie presentation. The charcuterie board consisted of deli meats and cheese along with some crisp lavosh and french baguette. The entree table selection had its starches including rice, scalloped potato, french toast and pan fried potato. The protein entrees to start consisted of a king salmon benedict, fried sausage and bacon and this buffet, the broiled lobster tail. (two comments: Iobster tail could lose that sauce, removed from cooking in less time and it would be great, the salmon benedict at least the one I got was overdone sadly with hard boiled egg and dried salmon) The main event was their prime rib and rack of lamb. (one comment: If you eat nothing at all and you chose to fill your tummy with simply the prime rib and rack of lamb cooked to PERFECTION, you would have left a happy camper) BUT they ran out of their homemade mint jelly. (I didn't understand that but it is what it is I suppose) The desserts consisted of about 4 petite sweets. Egg Nog custard, red velvet triffle,  and a tray of cookies. To be truthful, this was my first opportunity for Hy's Brunch Buffet and more than likely my last. For the cost of the brunch ($85 not including coffee and adult beverage) , I'd pay $15 more and go to the more established known brunches at Orchids or Hoku's. So why 3 stars? Mediocre service, fairly decent food (the perfect cut of prime rib and rack of lamb I got) and longevity of the establishment; plus and more important is my motto is that "I will try anything once". First time shame on you, Second time shame on me. So, no second time brunch for me
My fiancee and I dined at your restaurant on December 24, 2019, brunch, which was an anniversary for us--our reconnection. She has already written an evaluation of the service and food. I paid and wish to discuss a complete refund of my expenditure--some 235.00 dollars. The experience was the worst I have ever had at a restaurant in Honolulu. I have dined often at HYS--from 1981 to the present. My last two experiences have been so bad--that I have never asked for a refund from a restaurant before--even very terrible experiences--but there has been nothing as bad as this. We dined at your restaurant twice this year. The first was at the Thanksgiving brunch and the second was on the 24th of December for brunch. I thought about writing a critique for Thanksgiving--but changed my mind---thinking that all would be better several weeks later. My thoughts as to Thanksgiving were the following: "I was shocked at the decline in service. Most significant was the inadequate number of staff--particularly on the second split level. The attention to staff had dropped significantly. There were so few waiters and assistants that one had to wait for the simplest of service--the taking away of plates, the filling of water glasses--and the worst--was the rationing of the stuffing--as if this was Europe during World War II. I couldn't believe it--one had to ask for stuffing--wait ten minutes--and thank the staff for brining the most basic of trimmings. This was unspeakable for a buffet costing 85.00 per person. The food was half and half--about half was edible--and half was not. The Day before Xmas: The experience diminished with the first contact with your restaurant. I called to assure that I was coming and to reaffirm my reservations. The conversation was as follows: Me: Hello, this is ________and I am calling just to reassure you that we will be coming today--but we will be a little late. Your maître de: Yes, so you are going to be late--how late? Me: [surprised] about twenty minutes late. You: Twenty minutes....hmm, are you sure, do you really think you can make it twenty minutes,  you know that will be twenty minutes from now, well, why are you late? Me: well, yes, I believe I can make it twenty minutes. You. Let me check on that... [after 20 seconds] all right that's all right. That ruined the experience at the start--It meant planning the fastest way to get to your restaurant--rushing about, cutting in front of cars--speeding and risking one's life on a day of celebration. After arriving: Let's start with the service: On the upper deck.  Three or four staff people working--one had manners and proper bearing. The others--well, my favorite was the one wearing the Santa Claus cap--his manner was fit for L and L--not your restaurant. He was prone to saying: "say what," and he interrupted us while we were praying-- "Here's your tea." I was never offered coffee, I had to order the water. There was even less attention. The restaurant was empty--I guess the word was out. It seems that's you had not enough staff and hired people the day before. The food: It deteriorated quickly. I came because of the rack of lamb and lobster tails. The Lobster Tail: Yes, there were lobster tails--but so overcooked that they disintegrated into a gelatinous creature from the blue lagoon. There was nothing to crunch, nothing that was reminiscent of lobster tail. There was hardly any butter at the serving table and no lemons. There was an outstanding lack of lemons. The hor-d'oeuvres: There were not enough oysters---moreover, these were oysters from the other side of the tracks--thin and white--not gray and hefty. Moreover, there were not enough oysters --it was winner take all. I felt courteous and left the last one for a tourist who was running around trying to get everything. She took the last one--ten minutes later I went-back and there were none. While I was walking to the meat station--there were no waiters to flag down--however, the floor was filled with gray shirt-gray pants maintenance workers. They were in droves-and outnumbered any one who looked like a waiter. They were gathered around the meat station laughing and joking so totally out of place. It seemed they were the maintenance staff-I went to the restroom once--and ran into two men dressed exactly like the staff at the dining area. The only person I could ask for help was one of the gray shirts. They were hanging around the beef station--the chef had stacked up the rack of lamb like donuts. The rack of lamb--leather. So, I would like to be reimbursed. I did not receive what I bargained for. W Chang
Message to the manager Jonah of Hy's Steak House: go to Hoku's at Kahala Hotel and Resorts and get some real customer service training! They are by far, the best fine dining restaurant where they specialize in all types of food and most importantly, they treat their customers with dignity and aloha unlike you!!! Thanks to you and how poorly you treated us, we are never going to Hy's steak house again! The first and last! P.S. Start by investing in some decent business cards for yourself if you're going to hand them out!
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2440 Kūhiō Ave., Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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