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344 William St, Northbridge
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 344 William St
Northbridge, Australia Occidental, Australia

Una vez que hayas disfrutado de The Nostalgia Box Museum, pásate por este restaurante, que no está muy lejos. Su cocina china atrae a clientes a la búsqueda de algo distinto. Puede que te ofrezcan tomar sus famosas empanadillas bao, su perfectamente elaborada sopa de tomate y su casero arroz en cuenco de barro: no dudes en probarlo.

Trip, una de las más conocidas agencias de valoración, le ha dado un 4,5 a Juicy Bao Bao.

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it was just plain bad,they didn’t even tell me they renovating
This store is owned by the same people as Authentic Bites Dumpling House up the street but for some reason it's not as good and the menu is slightly different. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great place which is why I gave it 5 stars... but it's not quite as good as Authentic Bites. I do like the free tea and the prices are very reasonable.
Happiness is when another delicious dumpling place opens in Perth, as such the case with Juicy Bao Bao Northbridge. Juicy Bao Bao is located at the spot where Good Fortune used to be. As you walk past the window, you can see a couple of aunties folding some wonton skin and making delicious dumplings from scratch.Bao is such a comforting food, especially when one has a bad day, wanting something easy to eat, or just craving for fluffiness of bao. I always feel that I can eat bao and dumplings every day. Growing up in an Asian country, those two dishes are considered staple food.I visited Juicy Bao Bao four times and never got disappointed by their food. The clay pot rice with braised pork belly is delicious. I usually ordered that in addition to my dumpling order. Clay Pot rice set comes with pickles and a bowl of tomato and egg soup. You have an option to change the soup to hot and sour soup.My favourite dumpling is the Pork and Prawn Wonton in Sour and Spicy Sauce. The sauce is perfect to be mixed with rice from the clay pot rice too. One thing that you need to try at this restaurant is the chilli oil. The free chilli oil is super hot but especially yum with when inserted into the Pan Fried Juicy Pork Bao.The Pork Xiao Long Bao is naturally delicious, as delicious as the one they have at Authentic Bites because the same person owns juicy Bao Bao. I have yet to try the Vegetarian Xiao Long Bao.The best time to visit Juicy Bao Bao is when they open in the morning, at 11:30 AM. Just be mindful that Juicy Bao Bao is closed every Wednesday. I can't wait to go back for more dumplings!
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344 William St, Northbridge, Australia Occidental, Australia
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