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2507 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, Illinois, Estados Unidos
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We ate here last Friday. Overall, I would rate this as a 2 star experience. The fish was very fresh, however, the experience was not worth the absurd price of the place. We have eaten in a lot of good and expensive sushi places in the world, including Japan. One thing we have always consistently seen in all the places is the precise and clean knife cuts, which was missing here. We were the last two people being served and by the time the chef got to us, the pieces were falling apart. We walked in and the place has minimalist decor, which made us believe that the focus is on the food and we expected it to deliver strongly there. There were a couple of bugs flying around the place which grossed me out (I ended up killing a bug myself). We had also informed them before making our reservation that we have a shellfish allergy, and we had expected that something different will be prepared for us to replace the shellfish courses. However, we just mostly got repeats of what was served before. In fact, when we moved to dessert, the Chef got in a cheese sushi course, followed by tamago and strawberry parfait. The tamago was with shrimp and for us it was replaced with salmon from the first course. This wasn't a good transition for the palette and kinda totally ruined the experience. The cheese sushi was something I left in my plate. It tasted like grocery store sushi in my opinion. Haven't ever seen a place where you pay $500+ serve this kind of food and experience. All the flavors of the non sushi Omakase courses were also not blending well together too. The chef compared his food to Sushi Jiro, which is doing a major insult to the sushi heaven of the world. Overall, save yourself the money and invest it in a good sushi experience somewhere else.
Kyōten is unlike any sushi place in the world. Chef Otto puts his heart and soul into every piece served. The excellence in his fish choices is matched my the knowledge of Chef who walks you through each course. 10/10 for food and experience. I have never had better food in my life.
Kyoten was probably the most well-rounded and enjoyable omakase we experienced.  The atmosphere was very relaxing, chef Otto interacted with us and answered any questions we had in the beginning. What started as casually exchanging our names, all the guests soon participated in heated conversations about their sushi experience as well as their favorite chef shows on netflix. The pace was as fluid and smooth as conversations we had. Onto the sushi itself: what started as mediocre delivery gradually built on itself and each presentation got just better and better. My peak was when uni was delivered : just from past experience I was fairly certain I was not an uni person. Chef Otto completely changed that perspective and made me into an uni fan. It was refreshing, with a hint of saltiness from caviar, which reminded me of the sea. In addition, my other favorites were tuna and octopus. Chef Otto uses unconventional ingredients such as corns, avocado, cheese and incorporates them into the sushi world in a unique and witty way. He also uses ample flavor enhancing garnishes such as flowers, Jasmine, and basil. Though Kyoten may not be as traditional as some established omakase places, it really delivers unique and open platform to taste sushi.  I thoroughly enjoyed Chef Otto's young and ambitious style. Oh and their Playlist is on point. All in all, it was a very well balanced and interactive experience. Highly recommend .
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2507 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, Illinois, Estados Unidos
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