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China, Sushi, Asiática, Opciones vegetarianas
CerradoAbre a las 11:00
$$$$ Price range per person $11-30
1046 Regent Pkwy, Fort Mill
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Fort Mill, Carolina del Sur, Estados Unidos

Este restaurante ofrece a sus comensales cocina china. Aquí te van a ofrecer unos sushi famosos. La gente normalmente visita Lee Cafe para pedir su deliciosa cerveza o su sensacional vino. Según las opiniones de los usuarios, sus camareros sirven aquí un extraordinario café americano.

En este lugar, puedes pedir platos para tomar fuera. Un aspecto positivo de este lugar es que el personal es exquisito. Te va a gustar su magnífico servicio. Es de esperar que los precios en este restaurante sigan siendo interesantes. Una decoración cómoda y su atmósfera encantadora ayudan a sus clientes a sentirse relajados. Trip, una de las más populares agencias de valoración, le ha dado un 4,5 a Lee Cafe.

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I always come here for order Togo. This is very first time I have someone be very rude to me on the phone when I'm placing an order. I have order spicy fired fish here plenty of time and never had a problem, but the lady on the phone was being very rude and yelling at me saying that we don't have that and I try to explain to her what is it and she still determined that they don't have the dish. I don't think any customer deserve to be yell at on the phone. And when I ask for the manger the other lady has step in was like oh is the manger day off but you can talk to me, as I was telling her what's the problem she didn't even knowledge me at all. So being said I like the food here but customer service is not there.
I'm not sure if it was due to the holiday rush but my recent experience here on Christmas Day wasn't good at all. The beef fried rice was very bland almost like plain brown rice. The egg rolls were just ok but with a weird aftertaste. Crab rangoons were soggy and the sesame chicken was nothing to right home about. Very disappointed given the high ratings . Will continue looking for a good chines restaurant in the area
I'm going to give Lee café three stars... Because even though the food is pretty good... Not China Town New York good or even Great Wall in Carmel Commons good... But good for our area definitely... you also have to take into consideration attitude... So just be prepared because they have PLENTY of it. If you have the audacity to change one item... Even if you're a vegetarian and you want to leave anything meat related out of a dish... be prepared because it's tantamount to the chef having to fall on his sword...not just im sorry we won't, but distain and comments like maybe you should go to another restaurant... Sunday I called ahead and said I have a table of eight what time do you open... They said in about 15 minutes at 12 noon feel free to come over now as no one is here yet... So I brought my group over... And they sat us promptly... And we ordered...I asked for an extra bowl or two  so that we could share one of the two large soup's... The waitress actually said to me and I'm quoting... Look I'm not going to run back-and-forth with bowls tell me how many you need right now  because first of all you came in early... To which I replied we called ahead and they asked us to come on in early before the crowd got there... Bear in mind we were only five minutes before they opened... Open sign was on...And she said who did you speak to... I haven't had my breakfast yet and you interrupted it... (I didn't know whether to cry laughing or leave or both) I said ok look you can drop the attitude right now or we will gladly go somewhere else.... finally she realized I wasn't gonna put up with that kind of behavior... And we got a waiter who was very nice and prompt... (I'm just happy she could finish her breakfast)). This is the exception rather than the rule to that extreme... But they do have big attitude there... And while the food is good... It's not ever good enough for you to treat customers who are polite in that manner. Dear Lee's waitress... You Know who you are....if you're ever lucky enough to earn yourself a tip... Go buy yourself some class ; )
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
1046 Regent Pkwy, Fort Mill, Carolina del Sur, Estados Unidos
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