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Cantonesa, China, Opciones vegetarianas
$$$$ Precio medio: HKD 600-2 980
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8 Finance Street, Central
Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Tras caminar por International Finance Centre, muchos visitantes se detienen un momento en este restaurante. Las comidas cantonesa y china merecen aquí la pena. Su atrayente pato pekín, sus famosas dim sum y su tierno pollo asado están entre esos platos que no hay que dejar de tomar en Lung King Heen. Sus cocineros preparan aquí una sabrosa tarta, un casero pudin de mango y unos bien trabajados pastelitos. Cuando visites este lugar, tienes que probar su estupendo champán, su extraordinario vino o su insuperable cerveza. Basándonos en las opiniones de los clientes, aquí los camareros sirven un excelente té de jazmín o un sensacional café.

La atmósfera acogedora de este lugar consigue que sus visitantes se sientan relajados y disfruten de un rato estupendo. Por si todo esto fuera poco, su personal es afable. Su magnífico servicio es un enorme añadido para este restaurante. Muchos usuarios suponen que los platos que ofrecen tienen unos precios interesantes. Además, su decoración es fantástica. Es un restaurante con tres estrellas Michelin que bien merece un viaje especial.

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This is the best restaurant I have ever been to and my only regret for coming is that I don't think I will ever be wowed again. I now have seen a new level of service, wine pouring, and Peking duck cutting. The wine pouring presentation (yes presentation) was impressive as they poured the wine into a decanter over a candle to make sure no sediments will enter my glass. The service was white glove and the Chinese food I ate is the best I've had by far!
The service was almost impeccable, except that we kept loosing the sommelier. The recommended Brunello was a little too light for our fatty dishes but the Rioja that we followed up with was a winner. Someone else picked a white wine that very good too, but I am not sure what it was. The portions were big for a Michelin starred restaurant. Our local host ordered typical Hong Kong dishes so it is difficult for me to recall exactly what we had. As always in the area, the variety of unusual roots and vegetables is always stunning. However, it did not feel (taste) like multiple Michelin stars worthy, considering that Cantonese food in Hong Kong is always amazing even at street level. The view - we had a big table at the window - is stunning.
We decided to make a stop at Lung King Heen for dinner, as aside from its tenure as the longest Chinese restaurant to have 3 Michelin stars, it is also in the Four Seasons hotel where we were staying - so it was extremely convenient to pop on down for dinner. While many restaurants of this caliber can tend to feel very formal and stuffy, I really enjoyed that the ambiance (along with the dress code) was relatively more informal, making it a lot easier to enjoy the meal. It was a cloudy day out, but if you get a seat by the window, you'll have a great view of the Kowloon skyline. The service here is also very good - the food was brought out as done, so we didn't have to wait all that long to get our grub on, and whether it was our main server, the sommelier who brought over the wine, or the tea sommelier who prepared our tea in the proper traditional style tableside, everyone was a pleasure to speak to. I wouldn't say that everyone's English was perfect, but it was more than enough to get by on, and it was certainly better than a number of similarly-tiered restaurants we have been to elsewhere in the non-native English speaking parts of the world. Given we had a decent amount of food earlier in the day, we decided to forego the tasting menu and order some dishes a la carte. There's a broad range of options divided up by style and type of food, with each section having a number of 'chef's recommended' asterisks next to them. We ended up selecting a number of those to dine on, along with one order of the seasonal sauteed vegetables to add a little bit of greenery to the proceedings. While the veggies were undoubtedly a bit overpriced, they were very lightly flavored and a nice palate cleanser of sorts against every other dish. That said, while I'm used to having Chinese cuisine that tends to add sauces and other seasonings with (somewhat) wild abandon, the refined nature of the food here lends the typical Cantonese flavors to dishes without overwhelming you. The Australian wagyu is a great example - cooked a little more through than you'd typically find in a Western restaurant (they did it between medium and medium-well), but it was still tenderized and delicious without needing to be seasoned much more. My two favorites bites of the meal were variants of traditional Asian dishes. First would be the spring roll with lobster and black truffle...simply decadent. Perhaps most importantly, the roll was lightly fried just the right amount, where each piece would flake off without causing the entire roll to deconstruct, and the lobster and truffle paired together perfectly for a slightly earthy, but still succulent, bite of seafood with an extra crunch. The crispy suckling pig served with a very thin pancake in the middle basically ate like Peking duck, but with the extra meatiness of the pork instead. The skin is crisped to perfection, and the pancake serves to give firmness and structure to each bite (whereas the fattiness would give a decadent dissolution). We finished off dessert with pudding (mine with red bean, my wife's with mango), which was a refreshing way to close out the meal. There are so many good choices here that it'd be easy to come back and try some other bites out (as well as other beverages - the tea choices are quite extensive). While it may feel a bit pricey for Chinese food, I'd say it's definitely worth the extra dollars to see what well-prepared Chinese cuisine can be like, where traditional dishes are prepared in overtly and subtly innovative ways.
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8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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