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Platos en Maurizios Fischhalle

The menu items below highlight top-rated and popular dishes based on real customer reviews for reference only, and may not accurately reflect the current restaurant offerings.
While the food is consistently praised for its taste and quality, some reviews indicate that the portions may be small and the prices high. Therefore, the price/quality ratio may be considered less favorable due to these factors.
  • Fresh Fish

    - multiple reviews praise the freshness and quality of the fish served at the restaurant. It is a must-try for seafood lovers.
  • Homemade Tiramisu

    - the homemade tiramisu comes highly recommended, suggesting it provides a delightful end to the meal.
  • - the grilled fish is said to be cooked to perfection, making it a worthwhile dish to try.
  • Oysters and Cozze

    - these seafood options are also praised by visitors, suggesting they are well-prepared and delicious.
  • Fish Roll

    - although not explicitly reviewed, the mention of wanting to order a fish roll indicates it might be a popular or enticing choice.