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Frederiksberg Runddel 1, Frederiksberg
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Frederiksberg, Región Capital, Dinamarca

Ven aquí a comer tras visitar Haveselskabs Have. Este restaurante ofrece a sus comensales cocinas danesa y escandinava. Merece la pena venir a Mielcke & Hurtigkarl para probar sus caseros calamares, su bien trabajada dorada y su generoso faisán. Sus cocineros preparan aquí unos sabrosos cruasáns. Su irresistible vino, su delicioso champán o su sorprendente vino blanco harán que tu comida sea más sabrosa, lo que, seguramente, te hará volver. La mayoría de visitantes dicen que puedes beber un excelente zumo, un espectacular o una estupenda limonada en este lugar.

Vas a llevarte un buen recuerdo de este lugar, ya que es bien conocido por su gran servicio y su amable personal, siempre dispuesto a ayudar. Sin duda vas a disfrutar de su encantadora atmósfera y su divina decoración. Este restaurante ha sido seleccionado por Michelin, y sus 3 símbolos rojos del cuchillo y el tenedor significan que es uno de los mejores establecimientos por los inspectores de Michelin como consecuencia del excelente servicio que Mielcke & Hurtigkarl ofrece.

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Expectations were exceeded. One of the best dining experiences I've ever had. Food was outstanding and creative. Wine was amazing. Service was impeccable! Definitely recommend to splurge if you are in Copenhagen.
Great cuisine and pleasant atmosphere
This review is long, but important for anyone looking to plan an event with Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. The short answer: don't. ----Short Version---- - We signed a contract to have our wedding at the Brøndsalen building managed by Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. - Mielcke & Hurtigkarl knowingly double booked our venue on our wedding day, thinking they would be able to earn a little extra money and get both parties (my husband and I, and an art gallery) to adjust our events. - This plan backfired when the gallery refused to shut down early. After Jan Hurtigkarl lied about having double booked us, they eventually admitted the wrongdoing. - Although we got our money back, management never apologized. - We narrowly avoided a ruined wedding day by moving our venue to Sølyst a week before the date, and we are eternally thankful we were able to do so. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl is managed by a dishonest and arrogant man who thinks his "celebrity" status as a decent chef gives him license to treat paying customers like trash. ----Long Version---- My husband and I were married in Copenhagen in September 2015. We had looked at several venues in the area before deciding on the Brøndsalen, which is owned and catered by Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. We first visited the venue and had a meeting with Jan Hurtigkarl in December, 2014. We happily signed our contract early in March of 2015. We planned to get married in the garden (if we had good weather) and then follow with cocktails on the patio, and dinner and dancing inside. The rain plan was simply to keep it all indoors. In our meeting prior to signing the contract, Jan spent considerable time telling us how frequently they do events, that it was very easy for them to manage larger groups, etc. Nothing to worry about. In hindsight I'd say the tone was rather blasé. Things started to feel a bit "off" during two more meetings before the wedding. We ended up answering many of the same questions we had answered in the first meeting (did we want cocktails on the patio, how many people were expected, what time should dinner begin, etc.). I was surprised in our future visits when it was still Jan Hurtigkarl, the chef, "managing" these details. I chalked it up to it being a smaller venue, and planned to have a friend on hand in the morning just to make sure everything went according to plan. As couples go, my husband and I are pretty laid back. We made very few requests beyond the usual prescriptive event offerings. However, there was one request that stood out from the norm - we were getting married in the garden not a church, so setup needed to be finished earlier since guests would be at the venue far before dinner=. About three weeks before the wedding, Jan emailed to suggest that in case of rain, we get married in another building on the property. A building neither of us had ever seen. We politely declined the offer, happy to be married in Brøndsalen as we'd initially discussed. After some odd back and forth, he admitted that their team might not be finished with setup by the time we walked down the aisle which, given our contract, wouldn't have been a problem since we "had" the venue from 1pm that day. He eventually acknowledged that another event was scheduled to be in the facilities until 4pm, when we were due to walk down the aisle. An art gallery had booked the venue months before we ever signed a contract. There was no apology. He offered another building on the property which we considered. We had a family member drop by to take a look at it, and this family member called the suggestion a "joke". The building wouldn't fit 15 people, nevermind 70. Jan routinely talked down to the both of us, though we were working harder than he was to find a solution. The tone in the conversation was to just "deal with it". We got the feeling that he just wanted to wash his hands of the whole issue. We had to chase the man to discuss options, he never apologized, he offered ridiculous solutions (like getting married next to the restaurant bar or the restaurant bathroom). So, we relieved him of the trouble entirely and moved our wedding. Afterwards, a number of people said Jan "has that reputation". Apparently plenty of folks have been cheated and burned before. I'm posting this here in hopes that someone considering working with Jan will get a fair warning.
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Frederiksberg Runddel 1, Frederiksberg, Región Capital, Dinamarca
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