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215 Elm St, Somerville
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Davis (Metro de Boston)
Cómo llegar al restaurante 215 Elm St
Somerville, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos

Desde el ventanal de este restaurante, la vista de Davis Square es estupenda. Las comidas italiana y mediterránea son buenas en este establecimiento. Puedes pedir su famoso pulpo asado, sus extraordinarias ensaladas de pulpo o su perfectamente elaborada sopa picante. En Out of the Blue, sus clientes pueden tomar un casero tiramisú, un delicado flan y unos sabrosos cannolis. No pierdas la oportunidad de probar sus sorprendentes martinis, su insuperable vino marsala o su irresistible vino rosado. Una serie de visitantes consideran que puedes probar un sensacional té de gengibre, un excelente té de hierbas o una estupenda cerveza de jengibre en este lugar.

El ambiente acogedor de este lugar permite a sus invitados relajarse tras un duro día de trabajo. Un buen número de comensales creen que su personal es exquisito. Este restaurante es conocido por su divino servicio. Un gran número de críticos han reparado en el hecho de que los platos que ofrecen tienen unos precios interesantes. Como puedes ver, Out of the Blue te ofrece una decoración festiva. Los usuarios de Google son muy generosos con este lugar: le han otorgado 4,5 estrellas.

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Miss K and I were meeting our friends Chris and Karen (yes, that's her real name and she never sends her food back) for dinner at Out of the Blue . . . after a snowstorm. Going outside in a mask, in bitter cold, with piles of snow on the sidewalk means: 1. Foggy glasses no matter what 2. Wet socks 3. It's impossible not to bump into strangers. All the downsides of an orgy with none of the fun. And we only live three minutes away.  I had to get all tarted up too because Chris and Karen dress very well.  Miss K is openly grateful for this even though I look like Mitch McConnell from the collar squeezing my fat neck. But I sucked it up because we love Chris and Karen and always have a good time.   And we had a blast this time as well.  Chris and I even ended up ordering different variations on the same dish, Frutte Di Mare. Frutti di mare just means "seafood" in Italian but, as with everything the Italians do, the phrase takes its time and has more fun along the way.  Those three words are having espresso in the middle of a work day while "seafood" is still working at 7 pm. It's such a poetic phrase.  Literally translated it means "fruits of the sea." Wow. It instantly paints a picture of a Capri clifftop villa in your mind.  If the restaurant didn't already have a great name, Frutti di Mare should be it. Anyway, Chris ordered the fra diavolo version, slightly spicy tomato sauce, and I ordered the white sauce. This is a very light white wine sauce. And when we got our food, I suddenly got this totally irrational feeling like I was a race traitor. My white friend got something spicy and I got a white sauce so delicate, you could feed it to a man who'd had half his stomach removed. What a sad excuse for a tanned-from-birth. This was fucking ridiculous and I snapped out of it. So what if my white friend likes spicy things and I decided to get the opposite this once?  It's not a competition.  My face redder than his fra diavolo, I inspected the plate. The dish's name is not just for show. It had six kinds of seafood in it: Clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp, calamari, and octopus. I have never had so many kinds of seafood all at once. I have never had so much seafood all at once that is also perfectly cooked.   The slightly briny tang of clams and mussels needs no introduction.  The calamari was just right in terms of chewiness.  Calamari can be overcooked easily.  Then it tastes like wall-to-wall carpeting.  But this was perfect. Now the octopus.  The sight of whole octopus took me aback, I'm not going to lie.  I've eaten large, gnarly-looking tentacles before but they just looked like blistered sausages.  This was a whole dead sea creature.  Not quite like Ruth's Chris putting a headless cow on the table, but in the same zip code. However, upon closer inspection, they seemed to be a pleasing medium-rare color.  Quite appetizing.  The second I bit into one, I was happy.  The octopus had a greater depth of flavor to it than the other seafood.  This provides a nice balance: Enjoy the lightness of the clams and mussels with the sauce and then knock back an octopus without sauce but with pasta. Now the shrimp. You could probably finish this review by now. Yes, they were amazing. Like the other seafood, I could tell they were escorted to the point of perfect doneness and then left alone because they were springy and just a tad sweet. Like perfect steak, perfect shrimp is nearly impossible to execute if you know ugatz about seafood.  Out of the Blue got it right WHILE making five other kinds of seafood.  Brilliance.   I was able to stick my fingers between the teeth of the buzzsaw that is my wife's face before her grilled swordfish disappeared.  If you want to keep it simple and have one kind of seafood, get this dish.  It has a garlic fresh-herbed rub that gives it a powerful flavor and a nice char, almost like a white-meat steak. Swordfish tends to be very mildly flavored so this crusty, garlicky wrapping was exactly how the fish needed to be treated to bring out its best.  It's served with grilled veggies and some small roasted potatoes.   I didn't taste the veggies because Miss K is a health nut and shoveled them down and my colon probably looks like the Elephant Man's head, but she said they were excellent.  The potatoes were fantastic though.  For a dish like this, you could get away with mediocre potatoes, i.e. slightly undercooked, not properly seasoned etc. These were perfectly seasoned and soft in the middle.  Even with this dish, they got every element right.  And we knew they would.  This was one of the first restaurants Miss K and I went to when we were dating and I'm glad we hadn't remembered the quality of food through rose-colored glasses. Neither had the other residents of Davis Square.  Throughout dinner, I noticed people picking up takeout orders.  Large ones.  In plastic bags that could suffocate a Galápagos tortoise.
Yummy spot !!!! Love it!!!
Pasta and onion rings are amazing!
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
Davis (Metro de Boston)
215 Elm St, Somerville, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos
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