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4510 Salt Lake Blvd Ste B7, Honolulu
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 4510 Salt Lake Blvd Ste B7
Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos

De acuerdo con las opiniones de los críticos, aquí sus camareros te sirven una buena pizza y un bien valorado pollo. Los usuarios de Google no le han concedido a esta pizzería una calificación muy alta.

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FOOD ordered online so it was done by the time i got there. Tried the stuffed cheez-it. Very yummy! Crunchy outside almost like a buttery pie crust, with gooey cheese on the inside. So good Hand tossed medium really hit the spot too. CUSTOMER SERVICE there wasnt anyone else there when i went so i didnt have to wait around for anything. Cashier was friendly enough. Not too much interaction since i had preordered. Didnt ask if i needed plates, napkins, or cheese & peppers though. PARKING tons of parking in the middle of the day during the week Sometimes it gets crowded though. Like on weekends and dinner time
How to say AMAZING. The pizza looked so much like the commercial and can tell the workers didn't have ass the work.
I literally was just at stadium mall.  My daughter had a birthday party at ice palace.  Okay first, i want to say We did not end up ordering food.  But I was going to order until I had someone roll their eyes at me and not even speak to me.  Now the reason for that was I did nicely say a Red 4runner was blocking me in.  Yes I admit it was my fault but I also apologized not knowing it was reserved for the delivery people.  I am not one to ever park in reserved.  I told the guy i seen that the one is and he wisely snaps no all three.  Which my daughter walking with us say, "oh they have stalls" and he gives another wise yes.  I would have apologized more because I did feel bad.  But I honestly did not notice the stall I was in was also reserved.  It was raining hard and I do not come to stadium mall at all.  I seen the stall next to me reserved after i got out of my car when i first got there.  But NO i did not realize mine was also.   To continue, he goes into him car so I was like forget it and told my daughter to get in the car.  As he sits there giving me a bad look he pulls back finally to let me out.  I slowly start to pull out and he starts to honk his horn and hold it down.  Then when i was fully out doing it again.  Which now is scaring my daughter. Mind you i dont give a flying F**** that my daughter looks like a teenager she is a very respectful person and so can I be.  While driving away cause I held back stopping and getting out of my car. She is asking me if everything is okay and why is he honking.   I would have apologized more but being a jerk the way he was why should I have.  I honestly made a mistake and if it was that bad then call the cops to give me a ticket or whatever.  Not treat me like that.  I was going to order food just to cause the cashier seemed nice and I felt bad the guy didnt have parking.  Not realizing I also was the one taking a stall.   But now let me ask you, are the people from Stadium mall pizza hut going to be rude and stuff to the other cars.  Since about 5 workers was sitting outside saying oh its her car.   I had to fight myself not to drive back after dropping my child off in Ewa home.  This was so uncalled for.   I truly realized I was at fault and i did say sorry.  And would have apologized more and would have not lashed out or anything but to be that F****** rude.  I just dont know.  So guy with the Red 4runner, i hope to never have you delivery a pizza to me or even deal with you as a customer.   I will NEVER go to this pizza hut ever!!!! And Pizza hut is the only place I order pizza from.  Trust me I will share this with my friends that live in that area too.   He is lucky it was me and not someone else he doing that too.  Cause who knows what kind of guy or even girl it couldve been.   Very poor attitude. But I will apologize to Pizza hut and the other delivery people.  I will keep a better eye out in other areas I go to.  But guy in the Red 4runner. I am not sorry anymore!
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
4510 Salt Lake Blvd Ste B7, Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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