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1080 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 1080 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos

Sus invitados pueden tomar unos famosos sándwich tostado, un extraordinario rosbif y unos tiernos sándwiches de rosbif en este restaurante. En Roast Beast puedes pedir comida a domicilio. Muchos visitantes aseguran que el personal es exquisito. Descansar y comer aquí es siempre un placer, principalmente por su divino servicio. Te van a sorprender sus precios bajos. La atmósfera es moderna, tal y como lo ven sus clientes. Los usuarios de Trip valoraron este lugar y logró un 5.

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It was awesome! Now it is gone. Keep your eyes open for news of the owner starting up again in another location near Boston, but probably not in Boston.
Love the food
(Review edited for content - PG version) So if you want a perfect feast And you don't mind ingesting some yeast No, I don't mean infection So please hide your er*ction And come now try Roast Beef at Roast Beast! The single best roast beef sandwich in the city of roast beef - in fact one of the best roast beef sandwiches I've ever had in my life, up there with Nick's of Philly. I can't give higher praise than that. Absolutely delicious. Happy that I get to be review 481! It's a good number for me! And Yelp's awesome Aaron J said it better than I can, when he said "a no frills, hole-in-the-wall joint that serves one single thing incredibly well--it's a bit of a foodie dream, yet Roast Beast has none of the pretentiousness that seems to come with the territory. Truly, it's just a small basement shop with incredibly nice staff, a delicious sandwich made just the way you like it (and that onion bun!)"... I agree with every word! One element that I really appreciated was that right upon walking in, the guy had the most sincere and involved conversation with me about everything under the sun and I really appreciated that. I didn't get any funny looks regarding my picture and my oiled up muscle dude look, as is so often the case, just a genuine guy who is genuinely happy to be serving his product and happy to be getting customers. And this product matches his attitude - it is absolutely perfect. So puke up your avocado toast Your microbrew's a 2-star at most And get your hipster ass To this one place in Mass For the very best beast - come to Roast! But it's not the wonderful service that is why you must try this. It's the best beef sandwich in the city that defines beef sandwiches. Most of the other top choices are out near Revere. If it wasn't for Roast Beast then I would say that Mike's of Everett would be the best of the many roast beef sandwiches that I had while I was in Massachusetts. When I first came to Boston and the next 17 times I came to Boston I had no idea that this was even a thing - and I'm really sad that I missed out on it all those times. It's especially a North Shore thing which is where I believe the stuff originated and definitely where it's most prevalent. But you can find it anywhere in the area and even in places outside Massachusetts sometimes, not that it'll be as good as here. Come to Roast Beast and you'll get a good idea of how good these things can be. They're like Arby's Roast Beef (in style) but 2248573 times better. The sandwiches defy belief And other knock offs cause me grief The meat is so tasty I devour them so hasty You must come try the Roast Beast Roast Beef! And my goodness this Roast Beef is amazing, the rolls are great, and it makes Buffalo's Beef on weck taste like something that probably isn't worth having. Give the barbecue sauce and the horseradish sauce a try as well, and add some actual horseradish for more of a kick - and that goes for every single place you get roast beef - not just this one. None will be as good as this one though. This is a five star sandwich shop if ever there was one, and it's cheaper than most of the others too. They load it up absolutely completely, so you're looking at one of the best sandwiches in all of the US, the very best in Massachusetts and in New England in general. With some of the nicest service. So what the masshole are you waiting for? For the best sandwich in the North East And top 5 in the country - at least This beef will make you lose it Best in all Massachusetts Come and get the Roast Beef at Roast Beast!
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
1080 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, Estados Unidos
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