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$$$$ Precio medio: $75-150
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178 Townsend St
San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos
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Un paseo admirando AT&T Park es lo menos que puedes esperar tras cenar en este restaurante. Un gran número de visitantes han notado que aquí puedes probar con confianza una generosa trucha, un famoso caviar y un bien trabajado caldo bouillon. Te va a encantar su comida, en particular su bien preparado helado de caramelo, sus atrayentes galletas y su singular flan de vainilla. Algunos de sus invitados aconsejan probar el estupendo vino de Saison. Este lugar es famoso por su delicioso té de frutas, su excelente café y su sensacional zumo.

Este lugar ofrece envío a domicilio para así dar un mejor servicio a sus clientes. El personal en este lugar es exquisito y siempre está dispuesto a resolver cualquier duda sobre la carta. Su divino servicio es un gran añadido. Este restaurante te sirve platos a unos precios interesantes. En Saison, sus comensales disfrutan de una atmósfera encantadora y de una decoración confortable. Es un restaurante con tres estrellas Michelin que se ha ganado una visita especial.

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La HISTORIA del ..... Restaurant SAISON San Francisco . La AMISTAD y el buen SABOR siempre perdura en el TIEMPO Grácies marcel
Amazingly world-changingly delicious! This was exactly what I was looking for in a Michelin starred restaurant.  TBH, I've been pretty disappointed in our 1*or2* trials, but Saison makes me believe that the Michelin stars might actually mean something. For the price ($295+$60wagyu supplement/pp), I was looking for inspirational dishes that were not only the height of showcasing what they were (the best scallop, the best uni, etc) but were presented creatively with complementary sauces and sides.  And that's exactly what Saison delivered! We started with actual Champagne in a barely there flute.  Light and sparkling, it was a perfect start. Then a warm flowery, herbaceous tea. Not to my taste, but the cups were beautiful and my partner appreciated it. Cherry Salmon - my least favorite. The salmon was bland, but it was presented in an interesting way with hearts of palm 2 ways. Diver Scallop - I love scallops and this was the best I've had. Perfectly cooked, perfectly seared. And that orange champagne butter sauce? I nearly licked my bowl. As it was, I spooned that up and wanted more. So richly delicious. And adding the small pieces of orange to the scallop just added another burst or juicy flavor. What is the flavor explosion in my mouth?! Asparagus - came with morel mushrooms and an truffled asparagus sauce.  Asparagus was king. Perfectly charred and delicious. Lobster Lamb Tartare - the surprise of the night.  Who knew I liked raw lamb/lobster?  Saison did.  The lobster was lightly sweet, the lamb was slightly spicy, the crunchy rice cracker with a sprinkling of seaweed was bland on its own but a perfect complement and vehicle for shoving tartare in my mouth. Then, there came a lobster consommé with custard in the bottom and ramps floating on top.  Perfectly sets me up for the next course. Black Cod - with celery root purée and chestnut sauce. What? The fish was smoked then grilled and tasty on its own, but when you added to the savory-sweetness of the sauce and the creamy fragrant celery root, just bomb. Uni toast - full disclosure, I don't like uni and I don't really like bread pudding.  Adding these two together sounds awful, but is somehow an inspired pairing.  Saison is famous for this dish and I'm willing to eat anything they put in front of me. The only other time I like uni was at Yoshizumi in San Mateo and it was also Hokkaido uni.   This just blows it out of the ocean!  Soft, creamy, lightly sweet uni. Caramelized brown butter bread dripping with flavor, yet still crunchy with a savory toffee taste.  Yup, I could eat this again. Radish - 3ways. Cute mini red and white radish, their tops, and in some sort of savory gel. Nope, 4ways. I think there was preserved radish too.  A delicious bite. Really stands on it's own even when it's "just" radish. Bison - that sauce!  Cute presentation with shiso leaf rolled daikon (refreshing), beet (savory), squash (sweet, could have used a touch more salt).  The mantou rolled with red miso and topped with XO sauce didn't fit in the flavor profile but was tasty on its own.  The bison stood for itself.  It came with kind of a semi glacé sauce, but the additional sauces poured on...I could drink it on its own. Wagyu - buttery, melt in your mouth goodness. Crisped maitake.  I mean, it's wagyu prepared by a French restaurant. What's not to love? Broth - button mushrooms, spinach, and a chicken white meat mousse.  Like a refined version of the clay pot chicken soups I've had in China although lighter flavored, very warming.  SO doesn't drink soup. He drank this and looked at mine. Pear and Yuzu - pear sorbet sitting on pear chunks with yuzu sauce. Refreshing Mandarin - cognac and vanilla honey on a bed of yogurt snow.  Who knew an orange could be so delicious? And that yogurt snow, lightly sour, full flavored and so light. My favorite dessert. I'll be thinking about it for a long time... Smoked sundae: smoked milk icecream with no vanilla to really give that Smokey milk flavor, crunchy cocoa nibs, just warmed caramel.  Hazelnut cake with layers and crunchy hazelnut inside. Definitely elevated. Finished with barley tea. Very nutty and dark. Again, but my flavor, but my partner liked it. Service: On point. We had our sparkling water refilled consistently throughout our whole meal--we drink a lot of water so it's usually a hard thing without leaving a carafe with us. Empty glasses were filled before I would reach over for the next drink, empty plates were taken within minutes, the progression of dishes was based on our speed and all staff was attentive and remembered our event.  We felt well cared for and special. It was 4 hours later when we finished, but we were in the midst of a constant food euphoria so didn't notice the passage of time.  Would I do this again?  Definitely. It's worth it.
Very nicely food presentations, integration of lots of Japanese cuisine style! Food servicing pace could be more precise would be better! Anyway, a lovely dinner with chill out environment! Most impress is the caviar with spinach, yummy!
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178 Townsend St, San Francisco, California, Estados Unidos
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