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2108 W Oceanfront, Newport Beach
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Foto de Seaside Donuts Bakery
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Foto de Seaside Donuts Bakery
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Newport Beach, California, Estados Unidos

Una de las atracciones turísticas locales, Newport Beach Pier, está muy cerca de esta comida rápida, y forma parte de la cultura original de la ciudad. Muchos visitan Seaside Bakery para probar su famoso cerdo, sus extraordinarios cruasáns de jamón y queso y su sorprendente pavo. Muchos de sus clientes comentan que aquí los camareros te sirven unos caseros cronuts, unos sabrosos cruasáns de queso y un singular pastel de arándanos. Este lugar es famoso por su delicioso té helado tailandés, su estupendo café y su espectacular leche con té.

Vas a llevarte un buen recuerdo de este lugar, ya que es bien conocido por su gran servicio y su amable personal, siempre dispuesto a ayudar. De acuerdo con las opiniones de los usuarios, los precios son interesantes. Este lugar ha logrado un 4,7 según el baremo de valoraciones de Google.

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Opiniones de los clientes de Seaside Donuts Bakery

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Denise Rodenad
No me gustó el aspecto
Steph Q.
A must-stop spot whenever my hubby and I are in Newport Beach. Sometimes it's a visit after hours of boarding in the ocean, and other times, it's a treat to enjoy while vegging out on the beach. In either case, every trip to Seaside Bakery never disappoints and usually results in us ordering a few extra goodies to take to go for the next morning. Located along the shops and eateries on Newport Beach, Seaside Bakery serves donuts, baked goods, and beverages to customers 24/7! This place seems to have a strong following and every time we visit, they always have a steady stream of customers. The staff are helpful, patient, and friendly and they have mastered how to efficiently work through the line of customers they consistently have whenever we come in. We mainly come here to get our donut fix (which always taste fresh) and are big fans of their blueberry donuts and cronuts. The blueberry donuts are outstanding. Some may consider them to be a little dense, but honestly, I think that's what we love most about them. They are always generously packed with blueberries and glazed to perfection. The cronuts are the perfect hybrid between a donut and croissant maintaining the flaky, light, airiness and glazed qualities of both pastries. These two items are always mandatory purchases! Although we have our staple items here, I have yet to try their infamous croissants. They smile at me every time we come in but my sweet tooth always prevails. Will definitely update the review once I get a chance to try them. In the meantime, if you're in OC and looking for a place to get something sweet or may be in the mood for donuts, especially during odd hours since they're open 24/7, stop by Seaside Bakery to get your fix! You won't be disappointed.
Darrell P.
Since I'm up early due to work, I will sometimes make morning trips to local places on my days off. This morning, I found myself at Seaside Donuts Bakery @ 4:30am... 'Brrrr! "Chilly!" There were a couple people in front and a group of five guys inside. I was somewhat surprised to not be the only one here so early in the morning. (Later, I discovered the two people in front were local beach "residents.") Store front - yelp.com/biz_photos/seas… I planned on getting something freshly baked/fried like a donut and a coffee or mocha but that quickly changed once I walked in. Paul, who I believe was the manager was talking to one of the Newport Pier locals, Valerie. He asked me what I would like; I explained to him that this was my first time here and was wondering what were their most popular picks. 1. Ham & cheese croissant (Jalapeños optional) $3 - Very good; nice portions; flavorful; great value Photo - yelp.com/biz_photos/seas… 2. Thai green tea ice tea (Large) $3.50 - Okay; very sweet Photo - yelp.com/biz_photos/seas… Valerie chimed in and gave a big thumbs up for both the breakfast croissant and Thai ice tea. (I think she picked up a coffee and ham & cheese croissant.) Paul was friendly, personable, and quite knowledgable about things from precious stones to art, and sculpture. It was a good conversation despite it being 5am and him about to finish his shift. I decided to walk the boardwalk and pier, there were a handful of people out; my newly made friend, Valerie, joined me along with her German Shepard who was waiting patiently in the truck. It was a different, unexpected way to start the morning, quirky conversation... 'And on that note, Long Island isn't the only place that has a medium; Newport Pier has one too! Valerie was interesting; she could see my deceased father who was standing near me. Valerie said he was very proud of me and loved me very much. "You look like your father, he's standing right behind you." In truth, I was somewhat impressed... 'That I didn't burst out laughing. The correct answer - C) None of the above. I look like my mother and pops and I had are differences. Well, I could be wrong, maybe he really wasn't MY father and that might explain why mom's physical trainer, "Uncle Phillipe," brought me the coolest birthday gifts & took me to the movies? (Apologies, I digress.) Valerie - yelp.com/biz_photos/seas… Seaside Donuts Bakery has been family owned & operated for over 30 years, open 24 hours. It's kind've crazy to think about; a donut shop at the beach/pier open all hours of the day? They must do some decent business to justify being open 24 hours, good for them. (I heard Seaside Donuts can get a rather large late night/early morning crowd at 2am. I guess not everyone hits fast food after last call and the only other options are Denny's and IHOP, not too many choices.) The breakfast croissant was very tasty, decently loaded, a great value. The Thai ice tea was just okay, a bit too sweet for my taste. The customer service was good; can't complain about the shop being located on the beach and only a couple of hundred feet from the pier. The view form the pier wasn't clear that morning, the marine layer was thick as soup... 'I liked it, despite the sharp chill. Photo -https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/seaside-bakery-newport-beach-2?select=1QIWr00ZmPzfO7R_e3O3bA&userid=O6EBodP3Fgu_n67efSKnBQ I will definitely be back, next on the to-try list, something along the line of a donut or pastry... 'And very likely another ham, cheese, and jalapeño croissant. Overall rating: 4 1/2 stars (Rounding up) - Big Aloha! Food: 4 Ambiance: 4 Service: 5 Value: 5
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
2108 W Oceanfront, Newport Beach, California, Estados Unidos
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