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911 Buchanan St, Nashville
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Foto de Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria
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Nashville, Tennessee, Estados Unidos

No te vayas sin probar su generoso pepperoni, su perfectamente elaborado pollo ahumado o su sabroso beicon. Muchos de sus clientes comentan que los camareros ofrecen aquí unos sorprendentes rollos de canela y una delicada tarta crumble. Este lugar es famoso por su irresistible cerveza artesanal, su sensacional cerveza de grifo y su insuperable vino. Merece la pena degustar aquí una estupenda limonada.

Es fácil encontrar esta pizzería gracias a su gran ubicación. Comprueba por ti mismo lo extraordinario que es su personal. Un gran número de visitantes mencionan que el servicio es divino. Podemos recomendar este establecimiento por sus precios adecuados. Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria tiene una atmósfera cuidada y una decoración excepcional. Los usuarios de Trip valoraron este lugar y consiguió un 4,5.

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FAST! Clean! Friendly! Welcoming to all ages! Location, parking, menu; $10 Husky Tuesdays! Our 22 year-old suggested it (4.0 @ TSU!). He and his sister frequent this establishment
Did y’all switch up the recipe of the white sauce? If so this new sauce is not good. I come here regularly and today my pizza was not good.
From the time we moved to the Nashville area three months ago, we have heard nothing but how amazing Slim & Husky's Pizza Beeria is. My fiancé and I are huge foodies and we prefer local places to a chain restaurant any day. Everyone we asked had rave reviews for this place, so I was beyond excited when we finally had a night free and decided to order for home delivery. For starters, the idea behind this place is fantastic. You pick a size of pizza, either a Slim or a Husky, and get to add the most amazing and mouthwatering sounding options, especially when it comes to their specialty sauces.  We both ordered a Husky each, with our choice of toppings and sauces, and decided to treat ourselves to two of their specialty cinnamon roles. Our first mistake apparently, was that we chose to order on a Friday night. We figured we were safe because we thought we ordered long before the dinner rush set in. Apparently we were very, very wrong. We kept an eye on it through the ordering company and it just kept saying the order was in the kitchen and being prepared. 30 minutes passed, then an hour, and then I started getting annoyed. By the time we reached an hour and 15 minutes, I started trying to call the restaurant to see what was going on. Did you know you can't actually speak to ANYONE there?  They don't answer their phones, let it ring repeatedly, and finally send it to a never ending voicemail loop where you are forced to a leave a message and told someone will absolutely return your call within 48 hours. 48 hours! And just to be clear, I left two messages over a number of days and was never given a call back. So once we got to a little over 2 hours, our delivery driver took pity on us and contacted us via text to let us know it was a "busy night", and he had been told the food was in the kitchen and would be on its way out soon. Just shy of the three hour mark, we received our cold, completely incorrect order, of food. We were missing the sauces on both of our pizzas, the toppings were "sparse" and that is putting it generously, and the pizzas were completely cold. Now before you think that maybe it was the heat "escaping in transfer" situation, we literally live less than 3 miles from the restaurant location we ordered from. We tried to call the restaurant yet again regarding our order, but it was just a repeat of all of our previous calls, and had to leave a voicemail. The only redeeming quality of the meal were the cinnamon roles, and to be honest, while they were quite tasty (I had the lemon blueberry and it was the perfect combination of tart and sweet), the size and the price are not comparable.  I am so disappointed that this restaurant that was so very highly recommended by so many, was such a complete and utter disappointment.  I'm even more disappointed that the staff could not be bothered to return two voicemails that were left over a period of a week, to discuss the situation, before a review was left.  What happened to customer satisfaction?  And before you go and accuse me of being too harsh on this place (everyone gets busy, right), my fiancé is a certified Executive Chef who has worked in six countries, opened multiple restaurants, and was the Executive Chef for even more restaurants, so we know what we're talking about when it comes to food and service.  This would never, ever have happened in one of his establishments. Especially the complete lack of customer service follow through and making it right!  Maybe the moral of this story is that you don't go to or order from this location on a Friday night?  Well, unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case, as we were told by our delivery driver that the same, almost exact situation happened to him and his delivery clients the night before on a Thursday, and that this was unfortunately, a common place occurrence with this restaurant.  Should the owners read this, I am so sorry to have to be so harsh and direct in this review. I had such high hopes and was so excited to try your establishment.  Should we ever be in a situation where we have $70 or so dollars that is completely disposable and can be wasted on disappointment, and an afternoon or evening where we are not at all hungry and have hours where we have nothing to do...we will absolutely consider trying your restaurant again.  I truly hope you read this and make some changes to your customer service practices, your policy of NOT answering the phone (even when it says to hold to make a reservation or to speak with someone), and your policy of NOT returning calls, needs to be reviewed. Also you should consider hiring more staff to help around the clock because it sounds like you are always busy. It's a good problem to have, as the owner. It's a crappy problem to have when you're the customer and wait 3 HOURS for your food to arrive from less than 3 miles away!
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911 Buchanan St, Nashville, Tennessee, Estados Unidos
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