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98-199 Kamehameha Hwy
Aiea, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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En este restaurante van a ofrecerte una carta variada basada en la cocina japonesa. Aquí te van a ofrecer un pez mantequilla famoso. Prueba su generoso helado. Tadashi tiene un espectacular vino y una sensacional cerveza en su carta de bebidas. El es magnífico: pruébalo.

Vas a llevarte un buen recuerdo de este lugar, ya que es famoso por su gran servicio y su amable personal, siempre dispuesto a ayudar. Este lugar es uno de esos establecimientos con estupendos manjares por unos precios interesantes. Tan pronto como entras en este establecimiento, notas su atrayente atmósfera. Los usuarios de TripAdvisor valoraron este restaurante y consiguió un 4.

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One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Hawaii.  My favorites are their salmon, shrimp tempura and sushi.
I can count the number of times I've left a less than 20% tip on one hand, and this is one of them. (Granted, 15% is "average", but it's low to me.) Saturday lunch time, I was in the mood for sushi but didn't feel like driving all the way to where I work to bother the chefs for takeout on their break, and while kuru kuru is in the same place, my standards weren't quite that low today. Not to give kuru kuru any crap, I still like it there, it's cheap and fills my cravings. I realize I've never been to Tadashi, so I decide to step inside to take a look at the menu. The host immediately notices me and asks if I'm dining in, and I ask for a menu. Looking through it, I noticed... There's no ala carte sushi? I thought this was a sushi place? He comes back a little while later and asks what I think, and I point it out. He then hands me another menu with the ala carte sushi on it. Why wasn't I handed that in the first place...? Oh well. I take a look at that for a minute and decide, yeah, I'll give this place a try. I've heard mixed reviews but hey. Let's go for it. I'm lead to a table for two and the host apologizes and says he'd seat me at a bigger table if he could, but he might have larger parties coming in after me. Told him it was perfectly fine, I'm just one person. I ask him if there are any specials and he tells me I can ask the waitress. She comes by a few minutes later and I ask her the same thing (the ala carte selection is pretty small), and from this point on I could already tell there'd be problems. I felt like that question irritated her for some reason...? She pauses and says there are none "today". Well, okay. Then she walks off to go help another table. I'm a little off-put by her behavior but I shrug it off and decide on what to get. It takes her a while to get back to me, so I just mess around on my phone while I wait. Oh, here she comes. I start ordering, mentioning beforehand that I want NO wasabi on anything. I then ask where the uni is from, and she gives another pause and a tight-lipped "look" before saying it's from Japan, which is what I was hoping for, so I order that too. I order a maguro yamakake as well. She repeats my order back to me and I notice she doesn't say "without wasabi", so I say "Yeah, everything without wasabi". She doesn't respond and just turns and walks away. I was talking with my boyfriend on the phone and I said to him "Why do I feel like everything's going to have wasabi...?". I wait a bit and my yamakake comes... With a wad of wasabi on it. (Also, to note: this was the last time I heard a word from the waitress during my meal.) I just pick it off and put it aside before I start to eat. It's not like I can't eat wasabi, I just don't like the taste, so whatever. The yamakake was good, though 17/18 dollars seems a little high...? The chunks of maguro were pretty big though, despite the portion overall being pretty small. My sushi is brought over by the host. I take a peek under the fish and... Wasabi. Why am I not surprised...? At this point I don't even want to call over the waitress, not that she ever even looked at my table to begin with while she helped all the other ones. At least it wasn't too much wasabi so it didn't ruin everything. The sushi was... Well, good. The uni was much better than what I expected, though the ikura was a little lacking in flavor. At the end the waitress walks by and puts down a plate of my amaebi head fried and immediately walks away, without a word of course. Thanks...? I'm not really a fan of fried amaebi, so I just nibble on the legs for a bit after I'm done with my sushi, while I wait because I want to order ice cream. The host comes to take my plates, and I ask him if I can order green tea ice cream, he tells me he'll let the waitress know. Hm, wish she would come by so I could have asked her myself. I asked if I can specifically leave him a tip on the side, but he tells me he can't take it. (If you're reading this, sorry dude, you were great, you definitely deserved one.) He brings me my ice cream and I ask for the check. Waitress was VERY quick to bring that over, and to take my card. Hmm... Most of what I ordered was market price, and for some reason she took the receipt when she brought me the credit card slip, so I didn't get a chance to see the individual prices. All in all my lunch came out to about $70. I get up to leave and the host thanks me for coming, and I thank him back before going outside. What an experience. I know I don't look like I know sushi and I was kind of dressed a little slobby, but hey, lady, I can say with 100% confidence that I know more about sushi than you. Don't look at me like I'm some irritating idiot that doesn't know what they're talking about just because they ask for specials or where the uni's from. This was some of the worst service I've ever had from a waitress, and it's honestly turned me off from ever coming back. 3.5 stars for the food, -1 for the service.
Always friendly and great service! Best Butterfish on island! Fresh Sashim and rolls are a must!
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98-199 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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