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1726 S King St #1a
Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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Nada más visitar Central Union Church, ven aquí a comer algo. En este restaurante tienen cocina japonesa. Salte de tu menú habitual y pide la singular ternera de kobe, el casero solomillo y el generoso foie gras de Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera. Sus clientes piden aquí a menudo sus sorprendentes tortitas.

La carta de vinos es muy extensa: hay que satisfacer las necesidades de todos los invitados. Imagina una combinación de recetas grandiosas con un personal extraordinario: eso es exactamente lo que este lugar te brinda. Basándonos en las opiniones de los clientes, el servicio es divino. Sus precios adecuados son una de esas cosas que se deben mencionar al hablar de este lugar. No dejes de fijarte en su confortable atmósfera. Este restaurante ha sido valorado por TripAdvisor, y ha logrado un 5.

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This is the single best restaurant I've ever been to. I knew I wanted to go here before I even knew I was going to the island, as I have been wanting to try real Kobe for years. As soon as I walked into the door, I knew it was going to be a fabulous experience. I was greeted by a friendly waiter, and brought into a very small room (it only has seating for 12 and another room for 7). we were the only ones there. The drinks were incredible! We tried the plum wine, which was very robust, and incredibly sweet. We also had the special green tea, with gold leaves, and it was very strong, good tea. The staff was incredibly accommodating, as we knew there was know way we would be able to eat all of it, and get to try everything, our waiter talked to the chief and anything that we didn't eat was put into a box to eat later. The first amuse was excellent, crab topped with caviar, and it only got better from there. The next item we got was two different types of cold wagyu, one topped with urchin, both with black truffle on the side, as well as onion purée. Each cut had a very different flavor, and texture. While we ate, our server explained what we were eating, or about to eat, in great detail and answered every question we had (we were given this treatment throughout the entire meal)! The next appetizer was Kona Abalone. Our server explained to us what it was, and how the seasoning was made with every other part of the abalone, and nothing went to waist. It had an incredible texture, and the sauce they put on it was amazing! The last amuse we had was the salad. It was quite literally, the freshest salad possible, it was still growing hydroponically in the glass, and the homemade dressing they had was an incredible burst of indescribable flavor. The main course consisted of two types of wagyu, and one of Kobe. They showed us the certificate of authenticity, and the award for the Kobe, and since my guest mentioned sometime in the meal how we both like really weird stuff, he got out the cows birth certificate, and translated it to us, even telling us the cows name! The chief then  started preparing real wasabi, fresh from the plant! Most wasabi, even in japan, is just horseradish, not actual wasabi. Our server explained to us the condiments, including a special soy sauce, an onion purée type, a Himalayan salt bowl, and elephant garlic chips. My guest (who owns restaurants) was curious about the garlic, so our server went and got some (enormous) cloves and showed us. From the first bite, I knew it was perfect. The meat was fantastic, and incredibly tender, and the wasabi was like nothing I've ever had before. It was a very strange, almost alcoholic flavor, with the perfect amount of heat. The mean just got better and better after that! The fat on the Kobe was like butter! And literally melted in your mouth! It was absolutely perfect! The miso soup, and Japanese pickles were incredible! very strong flavor of fermented soy, and great vegetable flavor too! The desert was an incredible tiramisu, which was very decorative and beautiful! After the meal the person who came with me, and ended up paying, was begging to pay more. They won't accept tips, but we still tried to get them to accept anything. It was worth every penny, and I'm shocked they only charged $300 a meal. $500+ would have still been very worth it. If we ever come back to the island, we are defiantly going to go back! So glad we came! Best part of the entire trip!
This was the most incredible meal. The experience was fantastic, the Kobe beef was outstanding, Steven was so knowledgeable and fun to chat with. Chef was wonderful, love watching him prepare the food in front of us. Excellent date night.
The food is amazing and the chef is extraordinarily good. It's pricy, but worth it for the experience.
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1726 S King St #1a, Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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