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91 Booth St
Annandale, Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia
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I dont usually write reviews but I came across the one from Jack below, who frankly has no idea what a comment like that can do to a small local business, least of all to one I truly believe does not deserves it. ON PRICE: I suggest to anyone who goes in here do a comparison on prices against any of the majors. If you can find the wine in stock somewhere else (which generally isnt the case) you will see the value Annandale provides. It will cost you nothing to support a local family business instead of going to the big guys.ON SERVICE: I have been buying wine from Chris and the team for over 5 yrs and would say that I have never come across a business that spends more time on their customers. I have bought 'dozens' of mixed cases here. The team always gives me new things to try and takes care to have a good mix of stuff they know I will like vs ones that will push me a bit. They love the feedback on what I think of bottles (good or bad) and build the next case around that. They run great events and always go above and beyond to help me track down harder to find items.Keep up the good work guys!
Been purchasing wines from Veno website in the past two years. Great selection of natural wines and some hidden gems. Chris is knowledgeable and provides excellent customer care. Would certainly love to visit their store sometimes.
Give me the service you're over-charging me for
91 Booth St, Annandale, Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia
LunesLun 10:00-20:30
MartesMar 10:00-20:30
MiércolesMié 10:00-20:30
JuevesJue 10:00-20:30
ViernesVie 10:00-21:00
SábadoSáb 10:00-21:00
DomingoDom 10:00-20:00

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