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4786-02-001-0260-907, Sugar Land
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 4786-02-001-0260-907, 4786-02-001-0260-907
Sugar Land, Texas, Estados Unidos

La cocina vegetariana es algo que hay que probar en este café. Puedes pedir unas atrayentes ensaladas, una sabrosa sopa y una magnífica pizza. No te vayas sin disfrutar de su singular tarta con frutos del bosque, su bien preparado pastel de chocolate o su bien trabajado tiramisú. Según las opiniones de los usuarios, el vino es extraordinario. Whole Foods Market ofrece entre sus bebidas un excelente zumo y un sorprendente café.

Su cortés personal recibe a los comensales todo el año. Su fascinante servicio es un enorme añadido para este lugar. La mayoría de críticos remarcan que los platos que ofrecen tienen unos precios interesantes. Un 4,5 es la valoración de Trip para este lugar.

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¡¡Todo!! ¡¡Todo es muy bueno aquí!!
Ever since Amazon bought out Whole Foods, the WF stores have really taken a nosedive.  I don't even know where to begin.  Very sad....  This particular location is a mess.  If you compare the pictures I uploaded with my 5-star review back in April of 2018 to those I'm uploading now, you'll understand why we no longer shop here. Let's begin with beer/wine; it was the first stop we made upon entering any Whole Foods.  Nothing like shopping with a great Imperial Stout or a fine Cab.  You could depend on WF to always have the most awesome offerings, but now....  Nothing but tasteless cheap stuff.  With a higher price tag :\ Meat Department ??  Whoa.........................   Look at my pics and tell me if you'd buy this stuff. Deli ?  What Deli ??  Just prepackaged stuff hanging on the wall in like a single 8' wide section. Cheeses ?  What cheeses ??  Just prepackaged selections that are hanging on the wall in a single 8' wide section. Beer Cooler ?  Where did all the BOTTLED BEER go ??  Nothing but cans now :(  Cans leave a metallic aftertaste and obviously don't keep as long as bottles.  Not gonna comment on the selections; now it's just a bunch of "Nothing" beers. Employees ?  Remember all those quirky super nice employees who absolutely loved Whole Foods and were so happy you were there ?  Vaporized now....  The ppl that currently work at WF are not having a good time, and boy does it ever show. Finally......... The "Amazon Prime" attack.  We have a Prime account and buy a lot of things from Amazon, but I really don't want to go to Whole Foods and get attacked by ppl wanting my Prime account info claiming to save me money.   I mean........Why not simply offer the same lower prices for everybody ?
Went to the smokehouse to get some soup and was told they had a problem with the warehouse & are out! Went to the bar to order something & only 2 of the 12 items on the menu are available! Passed by the butchers case to get a ribeye and they're out! What's happening to this place?
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4786-02-001-0260-907, Sugar Land, Texas, Estados Unidos, 4786-02-001-0260-907
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