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Deberías ver Swiss Institute justo después de comer en Atera. Este restaurante ofrece en su carta un sabroso caviar, un generoso fletán blanco y un casero rabo de buey. Saborea sus bien preparados gofres, su sorprendente helado y su perfectamente elaborada tarta. De acuerdo con las opiniones de los críticos, aquí los camareros sirven un espectacular vino, una sensacional cerveza o un extraordinario champán. Recomienda a sus visitantes distintas variantes de su magnífico , su estupendo café y su excelente zumo.

Invita a tu media naranja a disfrutar de Atera y de su cálido ambiente. Se comenta que aquí el personal es exquisito. Vas a disfrutar con su divino servicio. Los precios son interesantes, y el menú vale lo que piden por él. Dentro encontrarás una agradable decoración. Este restaurante con dos estrellas Michelin te ofrecerá unos manjares estupendos cocinados por un experimentado chef.

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La gran sorpresa de un viaje gastronomico. Un gran chef con un menú de 20 platos, que tiene todo lo bueno de la fusión de cocina Europea yamericana. El lugar esta en un barrio raro de noche pero es un hermoso y pequeño restaurante....caro.
Unique experience

Delicious little dishes carefully prepared and plated in front of you as you sit around a horseshoe counter with a few others. I thought the desserts were rather uninspiring which is rather sad as it is your last bite...was able to experience some flavors I had never experienced before
Been here several times: My absolute ultimate favourite restaurant in the whole wide world!!! Their DESSERTS are just f*ckin PERFECT!!! I love how interactive the Chef’s Table style Atera experience is, with the servers and the bartenders actively preppin the drinks and dishes directly in front of me! The plating of each dish is fantastic and the taste is just heavenly!

Standout dishes for me were the following:
•Egg+Maitake+Kombu dish for its intense mushroom umami flavour, Sea Urchin + Chicken Skin for the very good texture and mouth-feel, Mackerel+Geoduck because it was fresh and tasty and was paired with a tasty horseradish snow, Lemon Verbena caviar dessert for its fresh and not overly flavor and its beautiful presentation.

This restaurant definitely deserves more than the 2-star Michelin rating.
The best part is, considering the high-end service+quality compared to other establishments around NYC, it is not necessary to make a reservation. I'm pleasantly surprised that it's not difficult to dine in here. It's a Chef's Table concept style with a maximum seating of 18 heads.

I got surprised how quiet the kitchen area was in front of me even when all the chefs and servers were busy working. It was a sight to behold, it’s like watching a personal more intimate Masterclass.

I'm a fan of the modern Nordic-inspired cuisine here, especially the cleanliness of the matching color presentations (the caviar-inspired pearl dessert, for example). The cuisine reminds me of Geranium and other high-end Nordic restaurants — which makes sense as Chef Ronny Emborg, the executive chef, is Danish.

This time I decided to go with the temperance pairing of nonalcoholic drinks with carefully curated dishes.
Last time I was here I enjoyed the dinner with a tea pairing but unfortunately this is no longer offered. To finish the night off, we had coffee and a preparation of matcha plus other desserts.

The non-alcoholic food pairing included:

• Champine (White Pine) - My favourite this night. Only a little hint of sweetness and a powerful pine needle essence. It reminded me of a dish in Geranium with pine needles. You are probably starting to see that I'm a fan of Nordic high-end cuisine!

• Blood Orange Fizz (Black Pepper, Rosemary) - Tasty, hint of spiciness.

• Spritz (Bitter Citrus, Mace) - My second favourite, I liked the bitter flavours. It also had a beautiful, large transparent ice cube!

• Seedlip Bee's Knee's (Lemon, Honey) - This is a company from London though I haven't heard of it before. Light and refreshing, not too sweet.

• Cote de Beet (Black Currant, Thyme) - All right, presentation here is good, Cote de Beaune? Hehe. This is pressed beet and black currant juice and aged in oak in the restaurant for 5 days. I think that this ended up too sweet to compare to red wine.

• Ginger Float (Atera Rum) - Made tableside.

• Lime | Juniper
• Sea Urchin | Chicken Skin
• Oyster | Cucumber, Jalapeno
• Egg | Maitake, Kombu
• Waffle | Tuna, Truffle
• Kaluga Caviar | Pistachio, IPA
• Mackerel | Geoduck, Brown Butter
• Lobster | Carrot, Trout Roe
• Halibut | Cauliflower, Brown Butter
• Spelt Sourdough | Ricotta
• Potato | Onion, Basil
• Oxtail | Green Cabbage, Poblano
• Venison | Pear, Pine, Huckleberry
• Lemon | Raspberry, Lemongrass
• Apple | Lemon Verbena, Vanilla
• Mochi | Coffee, Soy
• Bourbon Caramel
• Sorghum | Peanut
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