Los mejores rollitos de col de Finlandia

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Sea Horse
Sea Horse / Restaurante
N.º 328 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
CerradoAbre a las 10:30
Escandinava, Europea, Opciones vegetarianas
Kuurna / Restaurante
N.º 95 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
CerradoAbre a las 18:00
Escandinava, Europea, Opciones vegetarianas
... and quality of ingredients was high as usual. I ate the tartar and the cabbage roll filled with seasonal mushrooms and it was really delicious. Men ordered pepper steak
Gastro / Restaurante
N.º 1 de 27 sitios para comer en Östra sidan
CerradoAbre a las 10:30
Europea, Escandinava
... in 2 different ways, steamed and mashed), also steak with tasty sauce and cabbage roll. Coffee, tea, cookies and bread were served on the
Laivaravintola Marival II
N.º 189 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
CerradoAbre a las 11:00
Europea, Escandinava
... выбор было два гарнира - пюре картофельное и рис. Из горячего еще были голубцы и что- то мясное. Огурцы свежие и маринованные, помидоры, салат, ол
Bellevue / Restaurante
N.º 179 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
Hoy cerrado
Rusa, Europa del Este, Europea
... style with historical pictures and samovars. We each had the oven baked cabbage rolls which were outstanding. Grilled meat inside was delicious with excellent
Laanilan kievari
Laanilan kievari / Restaurante
N.º 1 de 39 sitios para comer en Saariselkä
CerradoAbre a las 12:00
Escandinava, Europea
... medley for the mushrooms she didn t fancy. I had the vegetarian cabbage rolls, filled in the traditional way barley and vegetables, and served with mashed
Kaski / Restaurante
N.º 638 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
CerradoAbre a las 15:00
Americana, Europea, Pizza
... is a recommended beers with the selected dish. For example traditional Finnish food, cabbage rolls, went with excellent organic beer Keisari - ice cold. The deserts were bit
Kissanviikset / Restaurante
N.º 5 de 616 sitios para comer en Jyväskylä
CerradoAbre a las 11:00
Churrasquería, Francesa, Escandinava, Opciones vegetarianas
... но то что было в меню просто отлично!!! Голубцы с цветной капустой и изумительное из огурцов в кокосовом молоке. Приятная атм
Edun Herkkukeidas
Edun Herkkukeidas / Restaurante
N.º 131 de 1519 sitios para comer en Tampere
CerradoAbre a las 10:00
Edun Herkkukeidas in Tullikamarinaukio Tampere is the Finnish home made food lunch cafe. There you can find meatballs, mince filled cabbage rolls etc every day. Also salads.
Nili / Restaurante
N.º 12 de 317 sitios para comer en Rovaniemi
CerradoAbre a las 17:00
Escandinava, Opciones vegetarianas
... the effort to explain the menu to us clearly. We tried the cabbage rolls - very refreshing dish since we meat for a couple of days in Finland already
Kaarna / Restaurante
N.º 485 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
CerradoAbre a las 11:00
Escandinava, Europea, Española, Opciones vegetarianas
... churned butter, the creamy salmon soup and the absolutely delightful mushroom filled cabbage rolls served on a warm beetroot salad. Not so thrilled with the crayfish, artich
Jängällä / Restaurante
N.º 4 de 146 sitios para comer en Kittilä
CerradoAbre a las 17:00
Escandinava, Europea, Contemporanea, Opciones vegetarianas
... должна быть больше . Суп с ванилью интересный. Веганские голубцы с фасолью и клюквой тоже Из десертов больше понравился тот, что с б
Sunn / Restaurante
N.º 586 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
CerradoAbre a las 11:00
... overlooking the elegant Senate Square. We had a three-course menu: crispy cabbage rolls with garlic mayonnaise, roasted trout and crab cake and baked apples. Both the starter
Cafe Loimu
Cafe Loimu / Restaurante
CerradoAbre a las 08:00
Europea, Escandinava, Sopas
... than 10€. Their lunch is almost 15€, even if it s made of cheap ingredients(cabbage roll, potatoes with minced meat sauce macaroni casserole etc.). Cappuccino and piece o
Olo / Restaurante
N.º 2 de 5025 sitios para comer en Helsinki
Hoy cerrado
Escandinava, Opciones vegetarianas
... человек подали нечто вроде наших голубцов в виноградных листьев, с одной