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$$$$ Price range per person hasta 9 €
Stieltjesweg 232, Delft
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Cómo llegar al restaurante Stieltjesweg 232
Delft, Holanda Meridional, Países Bajos

Si pasas por aquí cerca, atrévete a pedir una pizza bien trabajada en este restaurante. Muchos clientes dicen que el personal es extraordinario. Su rápido servicio es siempre un placer. Un 4,2 es lo que FOOD STATION ha recibido según el sistema de valoraciones de Google.

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Good food and really nice people
Nice spot to eat with friends on campus or grab some food to go
I don't know where these 5-star reviews come from, but the place doesn't even come close to 3 stars. Every time that I ordered a 'patatje oorlog', I was being told that they don't have it. It's rather that they don't want to make it than really not having it. Because they have peanut sauce for the chicken that they offer. They have the ingredients but don't know what it is and don't have it on their menu. It is maybe for this reason that they don't want to take the effort to help a customer. With much reluctance eventually, they managed to give what I ordered. Apart from that these are not professional people. They're too emotional about who they like and don't like. If they like you, they say hi to you. If they don't like you, they pretend not seeing you for the first moments you walked in the 'food station'. In addition to that: the woman working there is the worst of all. Not only me but also others have experienced that she doesn't say a simple hello or a bye when ordering or leaving! At the register she just says the price you have to pay for the food you order in a rude way. Also, when you come in 20 minutes before closing time, she looks at you as if she could do something to you. It is as if I can almost hear her saying the words: 'how dare you to come in so late and make us work just when we're about to close?'. Probably they asked friends, relatives or acquaintances to post quick positive (unworthy) 5-star ratings in order to increase the average rating. Don't go here unless you really don't have an other option. And when you do, make sure it's not later than 30 minutes before closing time.
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
Stieltjesweg 232, Delft, Holanda Meridional, Países Bajos
LunesLun 12:00-22:00
MartesMar 12:00-22:00
MiércolesMié 12:00-22:00
JuevesJue 12:00-22:00
ViernesVie 12:00-22:00
SábadoSáb 12:00-22:00
DomingoDom Cerrado
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