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139 Shore Dr @ George's Marina, Palm Harbor
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 139 Shore Dr @ George's Marina, 34660
Palm Harbor, Florida, Estados Unidos

Es posible que te ofrezcan tomar sus famosos sándwiches cubanos y su tierno perrito caliente chicago: no dudes en probarlo. Este bar tiene entre sus bebidas una extraordinaria cerveza.

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No frills marina beer bar with great food. Cheap beer, very good Chicago dogs, excellent Cubans, and other tasty looking items. We'll be back. Went back in August 2020. Owner says the business is permanently closed.
neat little place on the water. joe and diane are very nice!
Every single time I ride my bike thru Ozona, I find another hidden gem! Today, I was taking a scenic stroll down Bay Street and then meandered over to Shore Drive.  I was basically just marveling at the the multi-million dollar mansions on Lungrun Cove, which is part of St. Joseph Sound.  The homes are breath-taking.  As I bent the corner and came up on George's Marina, I noticed a small sign advertising ice cold beer and Cuban sandwiches.  If you know me, then you know how passionate I am about Cubans!  I'm always eager to try new places, totally at the risk of being let down most of the time.  Initially, I kept biking, but my inner turn-of-the-century Ybor cigar factory worker got the best of me.  I turned around, snapped a photo of the sign, and ventured on to the property.   Walking up, I could hear some Pink Floyd playing.  The sound was coming from a stereo system in the marina shop that had to be at least 30 years old, but it sounded great.  I walked past the marina store, which I assumed sells ice, bait, etc. and found a tiny shack in the back, right next to the water.  I could smell food cooking, and I saw some locals drinking beers on picnic benches shaded by tents.  I waltzed up to the window and was greeted by Diane.  I placed an order for a Miller Lite and a Cuban and an amazing thing happened; she didn't ask me if I wanted it pressed, wanted lettuce, wanted mayo or wanted tomatoes.  This was a good sign. I sat down with my beer amongst the locals, and jumped right into their conversation.  I felt like I had been coming there for years.  It was truly great.  A well-tanned older gentleman wanders over, who someone refers to as "Smokin' Joe."  I laughed, but I have no idea what Joe "smokes."  Weed, cigars, brisket, pork butts...  no clue.  He was as nice as can be though.  With beer in hand, he starts talking about his Cuban sandwiches, and I realized that he's the "Joe" of Joe's Kitchen.  He prefaced his Cuban sandwich spiel by stating Raul Castro told him he's got the best Cuban sandwich north of Havana.  Then, he starts telling everyone he uses black forest ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and they roast their own pork with mojo criollo.  Right when I get ready to ask about the salami situation, he says, "The one thing I won't do is put salami on them."  I let him know that salami doesn't make or break the sandwich for me, but it is the difference in authentic vs. non-traditional, historically.  He wasn't up for a hardcore Cuban sandwich debate, I could tell.  However, he did say that the next time I visit, he'd throw some on there for me if I ask.  Fair enough! Out came my Cuban.  Visually, it looks good.  They use a panini sandwich press, which some purists frown upon, but so do I when making them at home.  Doesn't bother me.  As long as it makes the bread warm and toasty, I could care less if there are lines on it. I opened up the sandwich for inspection and all proper ingredients were present.  I bit into it, and the flavor was borderline incredible.  Quite possibly one of the best non-traditional Cubans I've ever had, to be honest.  The sandwich is not ridiculously big either.  It might be 7", and was just the right amount to get me full. The sandwich, beer and bag of Zapp's potato chips set me back $9.  What a bargain!  For a delicious lunch right on the water where folks can ride up on boats, they could have charged me $20 and I would have been happy to pay it.  To Joe and Diane, I say keep doing what you're doing.  Your product is good, well-priced and the view is perfect. CUBAN SANDWICH REPORT CARD: Bread: Publix Ham: Deli-Virginia Pork: Mojo roast pork Salami: No Swiss: Yes Mustard: Yes Pickles: Yes Pressed: Yes Mayo: No Lettuce/Tomato: Upon request Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
139 Shore Dr @ George's Marina, Palm Harbor, Florida, Estados Unidos, 34660
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