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1180 Queen St, Honolulu
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Cómo llegar al restaurante 1180 Queen St
Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos

Seguro que vas a visitar Historic IBM Building: el consejo de sus habituales es que te acerques también a este restaurante. Scratch Kitchen & Meatery sirve una famosa panceta, unos generosos gambones al ajillo y unas extraordinarias tapas. Tendrás la oportunidad de degustar sus bien trabajadas tortitas francesas, su sabrosa tostada francesa o su casera créme brûlée. Este lugar tiene entre sus bebidas un insuperable champán, un estupendo vino marsala y una espectacular sidra. Este lugar es famoso por su magnífico café helado, su excelente zumo de tomate y su sorprendente té helado.

Elige entre sentarte fuera o dentro. El exquisito personal de este lugar demuestra lo mucho que estima a sus visitantes. Su divino servicio te hará sentirte especial. Se dice que aquí los precios son adecuados. En este restaurante podrás disfrutar de su festiva decoración y de una encantadora atmósfera. Scratch Kitchen & Meatery ha sido valorado por Trip, y ha logrado un 4.

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Very popular with the visitors and locals. Always a line but it's so worth it.
One of my new favorite breakfast spots the food is amazing and the servers are extremely friendly. An open kitchen always gives confidence in those cooking. If you go you must try the marsala mushroom and grits with arugula and a poached egg and the Brussels sprouts are the best I have ever had. So many great things to choose from and I have never been disappointed. Sorry was to excited to eat to take pictures, will post pictures next time I go, I guess that gives me a reason to go today
After reading many reviews and viewing pictures of my friend's meal from Scratch Kitchen & Meatery I had to try it.   My wife and I finally had time on a weekday to try out SK&M for breakfast.  I am a HUUUUGE fan of loco moco's and am on a personal mission to find the best tasting one.  I ordered the Classic Loco Moco ($15) and my wife ordered the "PIMP MY GRITS" bacon + eggs cheddar ($12).  This was the first time my wife actually ate grits and I was the one that encouraged her to try it.  Having tried it myself in New Orleans I was a big fan of grits.  Knowing how grits can really soak up flavors that you induce into it and depending on​ how it is cooked, it could have a really nice texture to it.   My loco moco was presented beautifully and tasted good.  The egg was cooked to perfection, beef seasoned well, brown gravy flavorful, and rice cooked to a decent texture.  The only downfall of this meal was that the portion was small for the price, and I felt that it needed a little more spice.  I left hungry.   The bacon and eggs cheddar grits presentation were​ a bit sloppy after seeing my loco moco.  The taste of the bacon and eggs...well, tasted like bacon and eggs.  There was a slight sliver of cheddar sprinkled down the middle.  I was hoping the boom would have been the grits but after trying it, the middle of the plate was saturated with what seemed like a watery cream of wheat texture.  The grits looked nice and firm from the perimeter but it was very soggy and lacked any flavor.  There was a hint of chili oil/bacon but it was extremely bland.  I was hoping that there would have been more flavor infusion in the cooking process but it tasted like poorly cooked quaker quick grits.   For the price, I felt that these two breakfast items were on the steep side.  I did, however,​ enjoy the loco moco but unfortunately,​ still, am on the hunt for one that absolutely knocks me off my feet.
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Cómo llegar al restaurante
1180 Queen St, Honolulu, Hawái, Estados Unidos
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